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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - Who Nurtures You?

Feeling overwhelmed, stretched, doing the juggling act? As a mom, you may be wearing many hats in the nurturing process of your children. But who nurtures you? Have you become so caught up in taking care of the family that you feel drained and fatigued? 

It's time to slow down and take some time out for you. 

It's time for you to clear your mind, reconnect with who you are and be rejuvenated with the life-giving energy of the Spirit. It's time to refuel your love tank. You've been giving and giving and giving some more, now's the time for you to receive, to be saturated with the love and peace of the Spirit. 

You may ask, "How do I find time for me with such a busy schedule?" 

It's important that you carve out some time for you even if you have to cut back on certain activities to ensure that you have some quiet time to be rejuvenated by the Universal Spirit. You see, you can become so caught up in your children's world that you lose connection with your own. You lose sight of who you are and what you feel inside. You lose the inner connection and as a result you may find yourself beginning to feel lost, feeling like you're just existing but not truly living. 

Being able to nurture our children is a gift from God. 

It was never meant to overtake your entire life and cause you to lose yourself. However, to effectively carry out the nurturing process so we can give our children the love they deserve and impart to them the wisdom that can direct their footsteps and guide them to take the best path for their lives, as moms, we need to take responsibility for our nurturing as well. 

Spend that time connecting to the Source.

We need to spend that time connecting to the Source of All knowledge, wisdom and love - all that we need - and allow the energy of Unconditional Love to fill our bodies with renewed strength, fill our hearts with overflowing love, fill our minds with renewed faith so we can give out of the overflow of our hearts and not out of our reserve. From that place we can continue to truly inspire our children in many ways and on many levels so they can live their lives in freedom. 

Make a firm decision now to set aside time for you to connect to God. 

Even if it's 15 minutes to begin with, commit to that time and breathe in life-energy and release all tension and stress. You'll find that you can better handle whatever the day brings with joy, and wisdom will come to you to deal with difficult situations as they arise. 


  1. Hey Alicia, You sure know what to say and you are sooo right. So you make sure you don't forget to take that advice too with the new little one and all. May God continue to bless you and thank you.

  2. Hi Alicia...I have finally learned to nurture "me." Today, I took a solo excursion and did some thrift store shopping. Then had lunch with a dear aunt. After that, drove the hour home. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Thanks for the reminder. Susan

  3. Thanks Tracey. For sure. Our schedule has changed a bit since the arrival of the little one but we're managing.

  4. You're welcome Susan. That sounds like you had an awesome time. Times like these sure puts a pep in our steps.


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