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Monday, May 9, 2011

Empowered from Within - 4 Solutions to Overcome the Habit of Quitting

Do you give up at the first sign of difficulty? When you make a decision to do something and you stumble upon obstacles, do you lose interest, momentum and finally give up? Do you find yourself going from one thing to another because you find it difficult to understand or too much work involved? 

Each time you give up on something you're creating the habit of quitting and if you find that you are quitting  more often than pressing through to the finish line it's time to look for new ways to overcome the habit of quitting so you can develop the habit of persistence. 

Use these 4 solutions to become empowered from within so you can overcome the quitting habit when things get tough. 

Solution #1 - Change your perspective

When you think of the situation you're facing as being difficult then you'll be sending that exact message to your body. There's always a solution to every problem. And if you have a difficult time with tough stuff this can be quite discouraging. 

Change your perspective. Change the way you look at the difficulty. See it as being something new to learn that you've not yet mastered but you can and will. E.g. look at it as part of a learning and growth process like when you first learned to walk. You didn't see it as difficult. You focused only on the fact that you wanted to walk.

Solution #2 - Take it one step at a time

Instead of trying to do everything all at once or master a task all at once, break it up into smaller action steps. A baby first learned to stand up by holding on before walking; then moves on to walk while holding on. Followed by standing without holding on and finally begins to take the first step. Each stage is progressive after each part is mastered to finally master the art of walking. 

So if you're finding it difficult to complete anything you've started, look at your overall goal and break it down into smaller manageable tasks you can master in a shorter time. You'll feel empowered once you finish/mastered each level.

Solution #3 - Relax and enjoy the journey

Often times we become frustrated and overwhelmed because we want to get to the end result fast. But the journey has many invaluable lessons to harness if you slow down and take the time to observe them.

Let's use the 'baby learning to walk' example again. If the baby misses the important lesson of balance how will she master walking? You need to mentally and physically understand certain aspects of your tasks in order to master it. Otherwise you'd find yourself more frustrated because you've left out the most foundational lessons before continuing on to the next level.

Solution #4 - Practice to master the habit of persistence

As with anything, to break free from the habit of quitting you must practice the previous solutions in order to reprogram your subconscious programming so you can adapt to the habit of persistence.

As a child, persistence was a natural part of your learning. What happened? Why have you now adapted to the habit of quitting? Many factors come into play why this is so but the fact still remains that in order to achieve anything, persistence is the key.

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