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Monday, October 31, 2011

Overcoming Self Doubt - How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

Is your feeling not good enough sabotaging your self-confidence? If you could do anything and know that you couldn't fail what would you do? Who would you become? What dreams would you live? What would your life look like? Think about that for a minute.

Imagine if you overcame your self-doubt, how would your life be different? When you feel that you're not good enough you begin to give off that same energy and you begin to act the part as well which limits you from living and reaching your full potential.

Use the 4 tips below to help you overcome self-doubt and stop feeling not good enough.

Change your focus

What you focus on expands into all areas of your life. As you start doubting yourself this feeling of self-doubt expands into feelings of being not good enough which leads to inactivity towards reaching your goals. Shift your focus to believing that you can achieve your goals and your feelings will follow right along. You don't have to try to compete with others. You just have to believe that you can do what you desire to do and go forward giving it your best shot.

Strengthen your strengths

Self-doubt comes in when you focus on your weaknesses - all the things that you can't do, don't have, wish you knew. But your weaknesses don't have to dictate your actions. Maybe there's something that you can't do right now but what's to stop you from learning or giving the task to someone who can and now you can focus on what you can do?

Give your strengths your energy. Every great person has weaknesses. They just chose to focus their energy and attention on their strengths which in turn overshadowed their weaknesses. Remember I said what you focus on expands? Well, the same principle applies to your strengths; focus on it and be confident that the other things you need will fall into place.

Encourage Yourself

Instead of succumbing to feelings of being not good enough, encourage yourself. How about this? "I can do this. I'm good enough. I'll reach my goal. What I need will come to me." And keep going. Let your strengths be your encouragement as you encourage yourself in the creative process of manifesting your desires. Choose to be good enough each and every day and soon enough you'll create the habit of self-confidence.

Keep moving forward

Watch out for obstacles and setbacks because of the temptation to slide back into your old way of thinking. Remember to combine all of the previous steps during this time - your focus, strengthen your strengths and encourage yourself.

Find ways to keep motivated and watch your self-talk. A solution will come to overcome your obstacles and setbacks but you must keep your mind free of self-doubt and focus on finding a solution to the problem you face.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - I Will Survive

Today's tunespiration comes from Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive. The song is mainly centered around a relationship gone bad. But no matter what situation you face if you know how to love and are open to love, you'll do more than survive, you'll thrive. 

The hurtful stuff will not be able to hold on to you and keep you caged. And when they come back to entangle your life once again, just tell them go on out of your life. The struggle you face let it go. Don't allow them to cause you to crumble or lay down and die. Rise up and thrive. Let love be your strength and bring you up and out of your adverse condition.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Don't Let a Lack of Encouragement Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

Feeling discouraged? Have no one around to encourage and support you in achieving your goals? Don't let a lack of encouragement stop you from reaching your desired results.

If you are surrounded by family and friends who don't see and understand your vision don't let that stop you because you may be the light for them to follow, to show them that they too can achieve their goals and live their dreams.

Sometimes all it takes is one person who's willing to stand up in support of their dream and the others will follow. Many uncharted lands have been crossed by people who were willing to take the risk and create their own paths.

They did not wait for someone to show them the way. They followed the strong desire in their hearts to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their families even if they were the only ones who had ever done what they were doing. If you are willing to go all the way, dare to take the risk, the universal power will be available to help you cross to the finish line.

Here are some nuggets you can use to help you stay encouraged on your journey to achieving your goals.

Nugget #1 - Encourage yourself

Sometimes you may be the only cheerleader on your team. You may be the one to do your own motivational self-talk. Find a song that will keep you encouraged and stir up your energy and creative juices inside. Pat yourself on the back. Praise yourself. It's what you're saying to yourself that will make the difference in making it to the manifestation of your goals.

Nugget #2 - Find a group of like-minded individuals

If you don't have family and friends who support you, find a community or online group where you can share experiences and encouragement. You don't have to go it alone. Many support groups have been set up for many different topics. Just find one that meets your needs and participate in them.

Nugget #3 - Use motivational material

Borrow from your library, purchase or watch online motivational material. YouTube is loaded with all kinds of positive videos you can use to listen to some great people who share their experiences and how to's. Take what resonates with you and use it.

Nugget #4 - Develop an unstoppable mindset

Let nothing stand in your way of achieving your goals - "I'll keep moving forward one step at a time until I reach my goal. I'm successful. I awaken the Spirit of greatness within me. I will overcome every obstacle that stands in my way. I am strong." Focus on your goal, own it and strengthen your mind.

Nugget #5 - Connect with the Universal Wisdom

Even though I have listed this as the last it should be the first thing you do to overcome lack of encouragement. Let the Universal Wisdom be your guide and inner strength. Send your roots deep down as you spend time in quiet meditation. This is where you go beyond your will power to gain power from within. You'll draw exactly what you need, when you need it and at the time you need it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Ways to Feel Better About Your Current Situation

Your current situation does not have to dictate the way you feel. Complaining and feeling depressed about it is a habit we've learnt and practiced over the years. It's time to create a new habit so you can begin to feel better about your current situation and become proactive in its resolution.

If your current situation has you feeling depressed, instead of absorbing more of that negative energy, why not try these 3 ways so you can begin to feel better.

Know that this is only temporary

Although your current situation may feel like it's taking forever to resolve, know that this is only temporary. Just as the sun always comes out after every storm, so too, your adversities will subside. Don't recreate any more turbulence by focusing on how terrible it is right now. For what you focus on will only magnify in your mind's eye and what you focus your attention on will draw you into that experience.

Stop and ask, "Are the thoughts I'm focused on taking me in the direction of a brighter day, toward resolution? Or are they leading me into a cycle of experiences I don't want?"

Look for the hidden gems

Opportunities sometimes come to us cloaked in the form of adversity. Look for the hidden gems in your situation. For example, if you got laid off of your job, what opportunities are waiting for you?

You may think that it may be another job right away but perhaps in the grand scope of things this may be a time for you to deepen your spiritual connection, something that you could not do with your previous job.

And as you take the time to reconnect with the Great Universal Spirit, doors begin to open for you which would not have happened had you not taken the time to clear out the mental and emotion debris in your life.

Become proactive to find a solution

Instead of whining about how bad things have become focus on the solution. You see, you may be thinking that you've been doing all the physical things to bring resolution to your current situation and you may be right. But if you're focused on how things are not working out for you, you're sabotaging your own progress and blocking your success from coming to you.

You must become mentally and emotionally proactive as well - focusing on the solution and expecting that all will work out on your behalf. Feel it and see it happening for you. And out of that inner confidence go forward and do what can do and as you go on your way pay attention to the doors that are opening for you.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Claim Your Freedom

I found this inspiration from Daily Word, Unity. I thought it my inspire you.


My true freedom rests in Spirit.
I may feel powerless in certain difficult situations, but powerlessness is an illusion. Even though I may not know how I will find my way through, I know that true wisdom and power come from Spirit within.

To move beyond any standstill, I remember the Truth of my existence: I am divinely created, made in the image and likeness of God. In this Truth, there is no room for worry. I live in a consciousness that is limitless; I live in spiritual freedom.

I fully use the power of Spirit within me to be free from restraint. I break through chains that bind me and open to the understanding that I have the power here and now to do all things. Filled with Spirit, my life is bursting with God's promises.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Self-Empowerment - The 30-Minutes That Made A Difference

Recently, we moved around some stuff on our work stations and after we set things back up we noticed that each time we made a phone call we heard a static sound on the phone that would cut out the internet connection.

We weren’t certain what caused the problem, but the only thing we knew was that it was a real pain each time we picked up the phone – we got no internet connection.

So finally on Sunday when we switched on the computer – nothing - we got no internet connection at all. We decided to unplug everything and let it sit for a day.

Yesterday, when we set things up again, the same thing happened – no internet connection. We decided to call our internet provider for help – puzzled as to what would be causing the problem. With just one check he knew what the problem was. He asked if our modem line was connected directly to the telephone line or if it was connected to a filter.

Right away, my husband knew exactly what the problem was and as he spoke with the technician they got it all sorted out. Things are up and running, and now once again, I can actually talk on the phone and work on the computer at the same time.

You see, that’s sometimes the problem we have in our lives. It’s not that we’re on the wrong track; all we just need is someone to help us make a few tweaks to help us see what we already know so we could get unstuck and manifest the results we desire.

Let me introduce you to Brian Marsh…

When I first spoke with Brian, he was overwhelmed with his current situation. One thing after another came at him and they were keeping him from fulfilling his dream. He knew he could do it but he couldn’t figure out why things weren’t happening for him.

Brian was having a bit of ‘static’ in his line. It’s not that he didn’t know what to do; he just got caught up in his personal situation so he couldn’t really see clearly how to resolve his situation.

After one session with Brian, he got clarity on what needed to be done. I recently checked in with him to see how he was doing and here’s what he had to say…

Hi Alicia,

So good to hear from you! It really is! I'm doing great!

I'm unemployed now! Got laid off of my job of 10 years! A very long, aggravating and depressing story...if I were to get into it...but I'm not. I'm moving forward and not looking back.

This came without warning and I had been planning on staying until the end of the year and giving notice for Jan. 1st, but Spirit had other things in mind for me. Opportunities have been placed before me with my voice acting and my contracting business and working at my old job was getting in the way of me truly pursuing my dreams.

I began using the affirmations and journaling right away after talking with you last and I started chipping away at the studio and had it mostly completed within a week. I kept doing at least one thing every day afterwards as well. Some days it was no more than just a piece of paper, though other days I continued to spend hours working in there.

I now have most everything unpacked, recycled, thrown away, and stored. Both desks are set up and I'm starting to work on the recording studio. I began construction on the shed last weekend and nearly every day, I get a new lead for a contract or voice gig.

I'm finally starting to feel 'free' again! I'm still just getting used to the idea of not having to drag myself into the 'hell' that my recent job had become. In the coming weeks I'll be able to start really putting together a little more structure to my daily routine.

For right now though, I'm just going with spontaneity of each day and taking it day by day.

Thanks for the check in.

Blessings, Brian

Brian did not let his current situation dictate how he would respond. He kept focused and applied the steps we discussed, finally clearing out his studio so he could create the space for his dream to flourish.

He lost the job that took up the time he needed to fulfill his dreams. As I shared with Brian, it’s not the most convenient but the most rewarding. When the Spirit says it’s time, go with the flow.

If you’re ready to get the help you need so you too can get unstuck, get clarity for your life so you can manifest your dreams, let’s talk.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Displaying Self Confidence - Stop the Voices in Your Head Telling You You're Nothing

Do you believe the lie that comes from the negative voices in your head telling you you're nothing? How have these voices influenced your self-confidence? Every time you think about moving forward to living your dreams these voices seem to put in their two-cents worth and sabotage any progress you try to make to break free of them.

You know, you can stop them right in their tracks. You can silence them. You don't have to continue listening.

Here's some help you can begin to apply right now to stop those annoying voices in your head telling you you're nothing so you can build and display self-confidence.

Believe that you have something valuable to offer

You are not here by accident. You have a purpose to fulfill in your time here on planet earth. And because of this what you have to offer is valuable - your experiences, your talents, your personality - all have a place to enrich, not only your life but the life of others around you. When you accept this you begin to see your own worth. Your whole outlook on life and what you do begins to change and your life now has a mission, a purpose, a direction.

As you live from this mindset you'll be able to push pass any negative input from the old tapes in your head.

Change the image you see of yourself

When you think about you, what comes to mind? Is it positive or are you putting yourself down? Change that image. The image you see in your imagination begins the creative process of your outer expression. To help you create a different image think of the qualities you'd like to manifest in your own life. Now think of someone you know who possesses these qualities. Instead of seeing that person put yourself in that person's place and see you as being the person with these qualities. Now own them.

Stop those voices with your affirmations

Use powerful affirmations to answer the voices in your head. Sometimes you may need to get vocal because the voices can be very persistent. But when you create affirmations in support of your worth and you stand by them, repeating them as often as needed, you'll find that the voice of your affirmations begin to get stronger and stronger.

What affirmation can you create right now? Go ahead and write it down. Here's one, "I am connected to the Great Universal power therefore I have value. I am unique. There's no one like me." That was simple wasn't it? Whatever those voices say that you can't do just change it to the affirmative and say that you can.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Do You Need Encouragement to Believe in Yourself? Watch the video

Is your lack of belief in yourself keeping you from achieving your goals? Perhaps this video will give you some encouragement.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Want to Change the World?

You can make a difference right where you are. No matter what troubles you, the Spirit is with you and will help you through it so you can make a difference not only in your life but in the life of those around you. 

The lessons you learn from your struggles will soon become valuable nuggets to share with others around. Always be consciously aware that you are not alone and the wisdom of the Spirit is available to you. 

Today's tunespiration is Change the World.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday – How to Feel Good About Yourself In Spite of Being Overweight

Being overweight doesn’t mean you have to feel bad about yourself. That energy is counterproductive to your health. While you’re making progress towards your ideal weight you can feel good about yourself and appreciate your body at the same time. This life-giving attention invites waves of healing energy into your life.

Exercising and eating a balanced meal are important steps to shedding those extra pounds and you hear so much about that. But what about the more intangible aspects that affect us on a subconscious level?

You could be exercising and eating right and still feel indifferent to what you currently see in the mirror. And this negative feeling towards your body creates hindrances to enjoying your life on your journey to reaching your weight goals.

Let’s look at what you can do to shift your thinking so you can positively influence your emotions followed by your actions and then your results.

Ask yourself this question, “What can you begin to feel good about today?”

Feel good about yourself as you are thankful - bless your body

You are alive, you are here, it’s a new day and all is well. Breathe deeply; breathe in life-energy into your cells. See your cells becoming rejuvenated with every breath you take. See your blood being flushed and cleansed.

Take a great big stretch loosening the tension in your body and allowing the fresh breath to move through you, again as you breathe deeply. Give your body the attention it needs, your undivided attention.

Use affirmations to nourish your body

“You are beautiful. I love you. You are strong and healthy. You are full of life. I fill you with love, peace and joy.”

As you repeat these words see and feel the beauty in your body. See and feel the strength and health. See and feel the love, the peace, the joy and the life flowing into and through your body.

Doesn’t that feel good as opposed to the negativity you’ve been pushing into your body? Now, your turn; create some more affirmations that you can use every time you look at yourself in the mirror. You don’t have to be rigid about it; you can be spontaneous and add new ones each day.

Connect with your inner core

All life comes from the universal power, flows through your inner core and into your outer experiences. Connect now with your inner core and as you consciously allow the Presence of Unconditional Love to flow into you and fill your inner being, see and feel this energy emanating from within and expanding into all areas of your life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What To Do When You Believe And Nothing Happens For You

When you feel like you believe and nothing's happening for you, you may feel like giving up. If you give up what are you giving up on? Are you giving up on yourself? If you give up, what then? What's left?

First of all, let’s release that energy right now - imagine it going downstream away from your life. Okay? Don’t create more of that by fuelling it with your emotions. Let's start from a clean slate. Today is the first day of the beginning of your new life.

Let's deal with what's going on here. Let's start at the beginning of where change begins. We'll use the garden as an example.

The soil grows everything. The soil is like the universal power that grows all plants and trees and they in turn feed us. The soil does not discriminate what it grows. It even grows the weeds in our garden.

What does this have to do with anything?

The soil is like the Great Universal Sprit that blesses all. God does not discriminate who gets blessed. However, just like the soil will grow weeds along with good fruit, so it is with what we receive as well. We receive what we believe is true for our lives whether good or bad.

So how do we change that? That's where you come in.

You are the gardener of your life. You've been given the freedom to choose what you want to grow in your life garden. The soil of the Spirit will grow every thought seed you decide to sow in your subconscious mind - your internal programming, again whether good or bad.

These thought seeds are what you accept as part of your belief system. So if you believe that good will come into your life that's what will happen. If you believe that things are not going to work out for you and they never will or that it's too hard for you to get what you want that's what will occur in your life.

That's your belief. And doubt will short-circuit any progress.

God is in us and around us and works through us and the power is unlimited. But the avenue for that power to flow freely as it should, to manifest in our lives, we need to open that channel of belief in order for it to work like a river flows to the sea. If there’s any debris in the way, it will block the free flowing connection. When you remove the debris everything flows easily and effortlessly.

So our negative thoughts act as debris in our lives which in turn hinders the free flowing blessing and abundance from the Great Universal Spirit.

Is this becoming clear to you now?

Okay, so you say, “Well, I believe and then nothing happens.”

Just like a garden, there’s a germination period in which you need to allow the plant to surface above ground. There’s a lot that’s happening underground even though you may not see it. The seed is beginning to transform and unfold what’s inside of it.

So when you sow your good/positive thought seed that’s what’s happening in your life – there’s a germination period before you physically see the manifestation of your desire.

Now the next question is this, “Are you digging up your new seedling before it breaks the surface with your negative thoughts and disbelief? Are you sabotaging your own progress?”

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Everything You Want! Everybody Wins!

If you don’t have the life you want, it’s likely because you are sabotaging yourself in ways you aren’t aware of. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

By practicing the “Forgiveness Diet” created by psychiatrist and best-selling author Walter E. Jacobson, MD, who has been using it with his patients for years and seen dramatic results, you can achieve happiness, physical well-being and material success. 

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When you re-program your mind to neutralize your negative, harsh Inner Critic, that voice inside yourself that subconsciously causes you to sabotage your opportunities and best efforts, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Opportunities miraculously appear. Positive people are attracted to you who cooperate with you, share their blessings, and help you to succeed and prosper! There are NO LIMITS to what you can accomplish with Forgive To Win!"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Think It's Too Late To Start Over?

Do you sometimes think that it's too late for you? Perhaps you think you've missed your ship and you'll just have to accept what life has to offer you now. Or have you bought in to the lie that says you're all washed up because of your age or because you've failed too many times before.

As long as you have breath in your body, it's never too late. You can start over. You can begin right where you are on a clean slate. Does that mean that you'll never encounter any challenges? Of course not. But whether you're young or older you'll face challenges. So why give up when you still have so much life in you?

Maybe this story will inspire you; At 100 years old Fauja Singh fulfilled his dream by running a 42.195-kilometre marathan and became the oldest person ever to complete a full-distance marathon. 

Check out his story here.

Wow. When you think of yourself of being a 100 years old what picture comes to mind? Or do you think it difficult to see yourself even at this age at all? 

Most people limit themselves in what they could accomplish by the way they're thinking. If you see yourself as not being able to reach your goals then you've shut down any possibility of it happening for you. How you see yourself and more so how you see what's possible for you will determine what you will accomplish in your life. 

Try these steps to begin the change process.

1) Remove limitations from your mind

You're only limited by your thinking. If you remove the limitations of "I can't" because you can't immediately see how you can reach the final goal, you'll remove the mental debris that blocks you from receiving the 'how steps' to manifest your desire.

2) Set your intentions

There's power in setting your intentions. It moves the universal power to work on your behalf as you release the outcome and expect what you desire to happen for you. Setting your intentions brings your consciousness into decision-making mode. That energy communicates to the universal energy that this is what you want and the help you need immediately begins to take form, even if you cannot visibly see it.

3) Go for it

Take action. Start where you are with what you have and keep moving one day at a time. It didn't matter to Fauja that he didn't win the race. And it really isn't so much about winning but about finishing what you started - what you set your intentions to do. Often times we give up just as we've barely left the finish line. 

Check out your own life. What dreams have you given up on because you think it's too late for you? What can you do to turn things around and begin to take action? Do it now! Here's to new beginnings.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Believe In Yourself

If you are struggling with self-belief it's time to consider this:

Your life belongs to you and to no one else. You are the one to live it and no one can live it for you. The question now will be, "What quality of life do you choose to live?"

You have much to give, much to share. There's no one like you and can do what you do in the way that you can.

Come out of your shell and share with us your beauty. Let your light shine. Give it a chance. Believe in yourself.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Tunespirtiation - Looking for Unconditional Love?

If you're looking for unconditional love, you never know when it will show up. When you become clear on what you want in a relationship and keep an open heart, the partner you're looking for will show up. Love has a way of knocking at your door at the most unexpected time in the least expected place. 

That's how I met the love of my life. I never saw it coming that day when he said hello. But I knew what I wanted in a relationship. I wasn't looking for anything spectacular but true love in my life. I was totally open to what the Spirit had to offer knowing that the good I desired will come to me and it did. 

Would you like to know more about my personal story and the steps I took to attract the love of my life? Find out how at

Today's tunespiration comes from Jah Cure - Unconditional Love.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - And the Winner Is!....

Okay, a few weeks ago I told you that we started our family competition to see who would first lose 10 pounds by September 18 - Dad and I and our 2 eldest daughters. 

And the winner was......


Lee. Yes, Dad won the competition as he was working on getting his 'washboard' back. He still has some more to go but he's done an awesome job at dropping off those extra pounds. 

I dropped 1/2 an inch off my legs and arms. 

So we're back at it again creating a new target date, January 1, 2012 and now we have all the children wanting to join in. Well all, except the 2 youngest ones lol. 

The younger ones are working on building strength, working on their cartwheels and basically having fun at the same time. 

And now that brings us to you. What goals are you working towards? Who's keeping you accountable to reaching your weight goals?

If you're struggling with motivation and staying on track, having an accountability partner will certainly give you the extra boost you need to get moving even on days when you don't feel like.

Go for it. You can do it.

And now I'd like to invite you to a Free 30-Minute Self-Empowerment Session, if you'd like some help getting clear on your weight goals and staying on top of things. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Action Thursday: Self-Empowerment - 4 Evasive Action Steps to Take When Your Day's Going Out of Whack

So you started your day full of hope and expectation. You've got everything sorted out - you know exactly what you're going to do and you're feeling really good about it. Then it happens; the phone rings and you've got to deal with that call, then the baby starts to fuzz and you've got to deal with that as well, and then a neighbour shows up unexpectedly and you've got one more thing to deal with that's not on your agenda. 

One thing after another's happening, you're caught in the middle of a vortex of emotion and your head begins to spin. 

Sounds familiar, yes, I have those days as well and everything begins to spiral from there, what do you do? Don't worry, there's a way out in 4 simple evasive action steps.

Evasive Action Step #1 - Stop and take a deep breath

That energy must be stopped right in its tracks and it begins with you. If you let that negative energy overtake you soon enough you'll be pulling your hair out and it ain't gonna be pretty. Stop and take a deep breath. Yes, close your eyes and breathe deeply and let all that stress out.

Evasive Action Step #2 - Connect with your inner power 

Enter the place of your inner sanctuary and find your peace - this is your place of inner power, your strength. In this place all that negative energy loses its grip from your mind. You can literally feel the knots in your mind fading away as you focus in on your peace.

Evasive Action Step #3 - Ask for peace in the situation

Allow the peace of the Spirit to enter the chaotic situation and bring calm and resolution. Let your mind and your eyes become focused on peace and not on the stressful event. You are working with the creative force of the Spirit to change your environment. 

Evasive Action Step #4 - Become fully present

Pay attention to the direction of the Spirit and go with the flow. Quietly ask what step you should take now and become fully alert and present as the Spirit directs your eyes and gives you inspired ideas to take the next step. It doesn't matter what situation you're in, the solution is available as you become fully present.

And if you'd like to discover a proven step-by-step process that you can use to keep you on track or get you back on track if you've lost your way, I invite you to try The Life-changing Map

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Delight and Inspiration to My Children!

I just found some fabulous books for children that are getting rave reviews everywhere! They're Homiedre's boxed set of 3 books: What is Love? What is Friendship? What is Imagination?

Homiedre's Love, Friendship and Imagination books are quite uplifting even for adults who enjoy reading for children. There are many reminders about love, friendship and usage of our imagination to help us get back in touch with our child-self and appreciate life once again. I read all 3 books to my children and it's been a delight and inspiration to them.

Here's what they had to say in a nutshell. "Spiritually uplifting and the kinds of things that gives you those fuzzy wuzzy feelings deep down in your tummy. They make your heart feel super happy and super well. Heart-warming and makes people happy." My 7 year old says, "They make my heart go ba bum, ba bum, ba bum and it gets bigger and bigger." Well there you have it. I couldn't say it better lol.

The pictures help to enhance the powerful message tucked away within these enlightened and fun-filled words. I especially love the rhythmic rhyme throughout these books which keeps the flow of the story as well as your attention.

The books feature "Children, dressed in soft 'critter outfits' accompany the couplets while cavorting on fluffy clouds set on a sky blue background. This is extremely effective, eye catching and makes a wonderful group read.:

WHAT IS LOVE? Here's a snippet:

'You can find Love in all kinds of places.
In smiles and laughs and all kinds of faces.
It's inside our hands so we can use them with care,
Love is even in the curliest of curly strands of hair.
It's in every single toe from big toe to small,
And then into our dance feet
when we're having a ball!'

WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP? - Various aspects of friendship are explored through the charming use of a little boy and his quiet life-like toy robot. Again, the rhyming text makes this book an ideal group read and the artwork is bold and concise; splendidly executed. Text and illustrations go perfectly together.

'Some friends were made to love,
as others were made to care,
But what all friends have in common,
is knowing how to share!'

WHAT IS IMAGINATION? - A little girl, Petunia and her pet stuffed dog, Patches go about a typical day in a child's life and due to the ability of the little girl and her "pet" the day is livened up in oh so very many ways via the use of their imagination. What a wonderful thing it is to be a child (or an adult, for that matter), with an active and creative imagination! Again, the art work in this book, as with the previous two is rather amazing and simply fun!"

'Well the school day is done, and it was a blast!
Thanks to my imagination, it went by so fast!
But now I must walk, all the way back home,
And see where my imagination, is willing to roam.
So I look at the trees, that are ever so tall.
And can't help to feel, ever so small!'

So don't miss these books - and when you buy them, you'll receive dozens of fabulous downloadable bonuses for you and the children in your life. Click here:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here's the solution

Here's a quote from Daily Word, Unity that I think outlines the solution to overwhelm.

I broke it down for easier understanding and better absorbsion into the subconscious mind.

"At certain points in my life, I might feel overwhelmed and believe there are no answers to my problems.
I may search frantically for solutions, and I may even lose hope.

In those times, I bear in mind that:

- I am one with Spirit
- I am whole and
- Have all I need, at this very moment

Through reflection upon this truth, I:

- Connect deeply with Spirit
- I ask for direction and wait for guidance
- I then take action and do what I am called to do

My connection with the Divine helps me:

- Make loving and compassionate decisions
- I am able to see new possibilities that honor me and others in my life
- I am filled with hope

I celebrate today's blessings and look forward to the gifts of tomorrow."

This is so powerful. Follow these steps each day to overcome overwhelm and create the life you desire and you'll be soaring over whatever issues you face.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! Have an Attitude of Gratitude

It's Canada's thanksgiving. There's so much to be thankful for and I'm starting with you, my readers. 

I appreciate you and look forward to sharing more life-changing thoughts, tips and steps. God has truly blessed me and you have enriched my life. I thank you. 

May you and your family be blessed and filled with the attitude of gratitude today. You are alive, you are here and all is well. 

Think of all the things that you can begin to be thankful for today, for it is in expressing gratitude that we open the floodgates of blessings to come to us. When adversity presents itself, we can shift into appreciation and find release mentally and emotionally to rise up above our adverse conditions. 

Be thankful for who you are.
Be thankful for the family you have.
Be thankful for the lessons you're learning even in the tough situations for they make you stronger and wiser.

Let gratitude lift you out of the feeling of depression and empower you from within. For it is in succumbing under depressing conditions that we go deeper into the dark cloud of despair. But gratitude picks us up and sets us in a place of hopefulness and motivates us to get up and try one more time, hope one more time, have faith one more time until we come through. 

Enjoy your day.

And if you'd like to know a simplified way to get back on the path to success, I'd like you to check out the Life-Changing Map for more details.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Is Your Mind Wide Open?

Life is full of endless possibilities. But you can only embrace them, experience them, when you have an open mind. Pay attention to what's in front of you - to the open doors that are showing up in your life.

Keep out limitations from your mind - the 'I can't, I don't have' etc. and invite the 'I can, I have' and expect life to unfold a way for you. Get into the creative mode mindset.

Expand your imagination to what's possible for you and when you've expanded it, expand it some more. You have unlimited resources at your disposal waiting for your command.

Today's tunespiration - Keep Your Mind Wide Open - Anna Sophia Robb

Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Weight Loss Gifts Giveaway

I wanted to let you know today about a Weight Loss site that will allow you to download a ton of weight loss-related gifts. And the best part is that it is absolutely FREE!

If you’ve had enough of plodding along year after year and you want to improve yourself and your health to make this your BEST ever year, then you need to go here:

The Weight Loss Gifts Giveaway will be open only for a VERY LIMITED TIME from October 6th to October 27th, 2011. When you go there you’ll find a multitude of products – all FREE – provided by Weight Loss experts from all over the world. Here is just a small sample of what you will find:

* Divinely Easy Weight Loss - Moira Hutchison
* Angelic Healing Audio - Self Esteem for Weightloss - Lisa Dorey
* Goal Setting Success - Leslie Householder
* Weight loss In A Week System - Terry Phong
* Destroy Weight Loss Self-Sabotage Hypnosis Audio - Michelle Mayur
* Lose Weight and Radiate 21 Day Challenge E-course - Lynn Smith
* 10 Surefire Ways to Jumpstart Your Motivation - Terri Bodell
* Get Wealthy Healthy and Hot Audio - Zoe Routh

Get all of these and many more here:

The organizers of the event are Carolyn Hansen, Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, Stephanie Mulac & Dr. Joe Rubino.

Stephanie started this style of event in 2006. It’s in the form of a “Giveaway” which is sort of like a giant electronic trade fair where 100’s of experts offer their products free to the public.

Because it has become so popular, this time Stephanie has joined forces with Carolyn Hansen, renowned fitness professional, Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, exercise physiologist and intuitive eating coach, and Self Esteem Expert, Dr. Joe Rubino.

You only have to walk into any book store in any country to see how popular the subject of weight loss is. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry churning out hundreds of new books, audios, CD’s and other paraphernalia every year.

These can be very expensive but at you can pick this information up completely FREE.

With the year 75 percent over, what better time is there than right NOW to set yourself and your business up for future success? This event is a life-changing experience for those who take it.

Come and join Carolyn, Gillian, Stephanie, Joe and me and see for yourself.

If you want to grab the best collection of weight loss products you’ll find ANYWHERE – all FREE – then go to NOW and claim your bounty!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Action Thursday - 4 Action Steps to Think Different to Manifest Your Desires

What you're experiencing right now came as a result of the way you're thinking an2d the choices you made. To change your experience you need to think differently so you can make different choices and manifest the desires you truly want. If you find that you're not making progress towards your goal, then it's time to think different - change your thought processing, look at things from a different perspective.

Begin using these 4 action steps right away

Action Step #1 - Observe your thought patterns

Being consciously aware of your own thinking patterns will help you make the necessary adjustments you need to attract the things you desire to experience. Become an observer of your thoughts. And this can only be done by making a conscious decision to pay attention to what's going on in your mind. You can only fix something when you're aware of what's wrong.

Action Step #2 - Observe your actions

Observe your past as well as your current actions as a result of your thinking patterns. Where have they led you and where are they taking you now. How have your past actions or what you're doing now contributing to you not having the success you desire? What different set of action steps could you take right away that will give you different results?

Action Step #3 - Change your perspective

The way you think about things and process information affects the actions you will take from there. If you've been looking at, say for example, your relationship in a way that doesn't encourage loving feelings but stirs up anger and resentment, how can you look at your relationship from a different perspective? Perhaps you've been holding on to some grudge that affects the way you think about our partner, how can you release that grudge, forgive and look at your partner through a different viewpoint? 

Action Step #4 - Come from a place of positive energy

If you respond to life from a place of love, life will mirror what's inside of you. If every situation you encounter you allow love to be the focal point, the walls of resentment, anger etc. will begin to lose its grip on you. Love grows, heals, unites. In the presence of love all non-life-giving energy dissipates. 

No matter what adversity you face, you can turn things around by thinking differently and coming from a place of love.

If you'd like to learn a simple step-by-step process to change your thinking and transform your life, you'd want to check out The Life-Changing Map

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You Making This Common Life-Changing Mistake? Here's What To Do Instead

Life can be filled with so much excitement when you first set out on a new adventure to change your life or a particular area of your life. 

As you begin to imagine how great it would feel living your desire, you become filled with enthusiasm as you set out to do what needs to be done to manifest it. However, as time progresses, you hit a roadblock - whether it's not enough money, lack of skills or other resources needed to help you realize your desire. 

You find yourself beginning to get frustrated, overwhelmed, begin to doubt yourself and lose enthusiasm. 


Here's the common mistake:

Filling your eyes with what you don't have

You started looking at all the obstacles in your way and each obstacle sends out two messages. 
Message #1 - You don't have X, or, you can't do X, or you're not smart enough etc.

This message highlights all of your limitations and what's impossible for you to accomplish. 

Message #2 - This is only temporary. There's another way around this.

This message brings hope of the impossible becoming possible only through a shift in your thinking and processing of your situation. 

The common mistake here is that most people hear the first message, decide to agree with what they hear, accept this as their reality and never bother looking for another way so they never hear the second message. 

Their eyes become filled with what they don't have, what they can't do, what they're lacking in and as these things become the focal point they're unable to see the solution to their obstacle, their roadblock. 

What to do instead

Focus on the solution

Whatever roadblock you are facing right now, know that there's a solution, there's always a solution. Just shift your mind to accepting that there's an answer and that answer will come to you, whether in the form of an inspired idea, information, help from someone who's more knowledgeable in that area or the supply that you need. 

Focus on the solution and not on the problem and pay attention as the way opens up for you. Instead of becoming preoccupied with why you don't have what you desire, entangled in doubt and frustration, release these things from your mind and remain in a state of knowing and gratitude that you have what you desire, you have the answer to your temporary obstacle or roadblock. 

By the way, if you'd like to have a simple step-by-step process, a Life-Changing Map to show you how to  break through roadblocks and get back on the path to achieving your goals, then I'd like to invite you to visit, The Life-Changing Map to get more information to learn how to do this. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why You Need a Life-Changing Map

Whether you're going on a road trip across the country or have moved to a new town, a road map comes in very handy to save you time, energy and frustration when it comes to finding your way around or getting to your destination. Without a map there's no telling where you'd end up. A trip that should have taken you only 10 minutes ends up taking 45 minutes of your time. 

The same thing applies to your life; you start off on your journey to changing your life or achieving some personal goal but something happens, you take a wrong turn somewhere along the way, you get stuck, become frustrated. 

What do you do? Which way do you go? How do you get back on track? Someone may come along and give you some directions but then you try to remember what they told you, confusion sets in and once again you're not sure which way to go.

With a map, all you do is pull it out, check to see where you've gone off track, where to begin to get back on the right path to manifesting your desires. Or better yet, what if that same person had acted as your guide and showed you the road you need to take to get back on track. No longer do you have to remain in a state of confusion because once you have a map and/or a guide knowing what to do to attract what you desire becomes easier.

That's why I've created The Life-Changing Map

You see, I've noticed a trend with people who are trying to change their lives. They get some information, a piece of the puzzle but somehow they can't seem to put the pieces together to create a complete picture, then they get stuck again - something like the example I showed above - you get direction from someone but then you try to follow it and somehow you get confused and become stuck again. 

So I got to thinking, if you had a life-changing map that could show you where you are, why you're where you are, how to get back on track and get to your destination in a simplified step-by-step manner, would this simplify your life? 

AND even better yet... what if you had someone who acted as a guide and actually shows you how to use the life-changing map and how to APPLY it to your personal situation? 

This is how The Life-Changing Map came about.

And now you can have access to it to help you on your own personal life-changing road trip. 

The system I share with you is what I've used to attract my spiritual mate, jobs in the past, money, health and anything else I desire to have and experience. And now you can have access to it as well. 

Now the questions that you need to ask yourself? "Am I tired of going around in circles? Have I had enough of being frustrated and depressed? What would it feel like to finally be able to take control of my life and become empowered to get on the right path to achieve my dreams, my goals?"

The answer is here. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

OMG, Finally - the Life-Changing Map is here!

It's been quite a ride on this one with lots of ups and downs.

But I pressed through and finally it's here - The Life-Changing Map is ready!

If you're tired of going around in circles not knowing what to do to get on the road toward your desires, then the Life-Changing Map is for you - to bring clarity to what you should be doing to get unstuck from where you are right now.

I've made this as simple as possible and here's your chance to check out all the details on how you can access all of this training.

You see, living your life should be a simple process and often times we've made it more difficult and complicated than it has to be.

The Life-changing Map is the answer.

Plus I've included more techniques and strategies to help you develop the mental attitude you need to overcome whatever situation you're facing - whether it's relationship, career, finances, self-esteem or self-confidence issues, emotional issues and more.

It's time that you take control of your life and become empowered from within and you can do that by knowing what direction you need to go.

Now you have a way to see if you're on track or not and not only that, you will now know how to get back on track if you've lost your way.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Live in the Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude always puts us into a higher vibration of joy. Are you living in the attitude of gratitude?

Okay, you may say, "What's there to be grateful about when so many things are going wrong in my life?"

And I'd say to you, "You are here reading this email. You are alive. You are here one more day to breathe the precious breath of life and to try one more time."

Begin now to be thankful even for this seemingly small thing and you'll begin to feel your life energy begin to rise. Keep at it and you'll start to soar; feeling joy and an extra pep in your step.

Try it and keep practicing it. Soon enough you'll be attracting more things in your life to be thankful for.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - The Gift of a Friend

Having a friend who will stand by you and help you stay on track is quite invaluable. Being such a friend to someone else is equally invaluable and uplifting, not only to the person who you're being a friend to but also to yourself. Because as you are showing kindness to another you are sowing seeds of goodness in your own life. 

Need a friend today? Start by being a friend to someone else. 

Today's tunespiration - The Gift of a Friend by Demi Lovato.

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