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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Action Thursday: Self-Empowerment - 4 Evasive Action Steps to Take When Your Day's Going Out of Whack

So you started your day full of hope and expectation. You've got everything sorted out - you know exactly what you're going to do and you're feeling really good about it. Then it happens; the phone rings and you've got to deal with that call, then the baby starts to fuzz and you've got to deal with that as well, and then a neighbour shows up unexpectedly and you've got one more thing to deal with that's not on your agenda. 

One thing after another's happening, you're caught in the middle of a vortex of emotion and your head begins to spin. 

Sounds familiar, yes, I have those days as well and everything begins to spiral from there, what do you do? Don't worry, there's a way out in 4 simple evasive action steps.

Evasive Action Step #1 - Stop and take a deep breath

That energy must be stopped right in its tracks and it begins with you. If you let that negative energy overtake you soon enough you'll be pulling your hair out and it ain't gonna be pretty. Stop and take a deep breath. Yes, close your eyes and breathe deeply and let all that stress out.

Evasive Action Step #2 - Connect with your inner power 

Enter the place of your inner sanctuary and find your peace - this is your place of inner power, your strength. In this place all that negative energy loses its grip from your mind. You can literally feel the knots in your mind fading away as you focus in on your peace.

Evasive Action Step #3 - Ask for peace in the situation

Allow the peace of the Spirit to enter the chaotic situation and bring calm and resolution. Let your mind and your eyes become focused on peace and not on the stressful event. You are working with the creative force of the Spirit to change your environment. 

Evasive Action Step #4 - Become fully present

Pay attention to the direction of the Spirit and go with the flow. Quietly ask what step you should take now and become fully alert and present as the Spirit directs your eyes and gives you inspired ideas to take the next step. It doesn't matter what situation you're in, the solution is available as you become fully present.

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