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Monday, October 24, 2011

Displaying Self Confidence - Stop the Voices in Your Head Telling You You're Nothing

Do you believe the lie that comes from the negative voices in your head telling you you're nothing? How have these voices influenced your self-confidence? Every time you think about moving forward to living your dreams these voices seem to put in their two-cents worth and sabotage any progress you try to make to break free of them.

You know, you can stop them right in their tracks. You can silence them. You don't have to continue listening.

Here's some help you can begin to apply right now to stop those annoying voices in your head telling you you're nothing so you can build and display self-confidence.

Believe that you have something valuable to offer

You are not here by accident. You have a purpose to fulfill in your time here on planet earth. And because of this what you have to offer is valuable - your experiences, your talents, your personality - all have a place to enrich, not only your life but the life of others around you. When you accept this you begin to see your own worth. Your whole outlook on life and what you do begins to change and your life now has a mission, a purpose, a direction.

As you live from this mindset you'll be able to push pass any negative input from the old tapes in your head.

Change the image you see of yourself

When you think about you, what comes to mind? Is it positive or are you putting yourself down? Change that image. The image you see in your imagination begins the creative process of your outer expression. To help you create a different image think of the qualities you'd like to manifest in your own life. Now think of someone you know who possesses these qualities. Instead of seeing that person put yourself in that person's place and see you as being the person with these qualities. Now own them.

Stop those voices with your affirmations

Use powerful affirmations to answer the voices in your head. Sometimes you may need to get vocal because the voices can be very persistent. But when you create affirmations in support of your worth and you stand by them, repeating them as often as needed, you'll find that the voice of your affirmations begin to get stronger and stronger.

What affirmation can you create right now? Go ahead and write it down. Here's one, "I am connected to the Great Universal power therefore I have value. I am unique. There's no one like me." That was simple wasn't it? Whatever those voices say that you can't do just change it to the affirmative and say that you can.

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  1. Thanks for the great reminder, Alicia. Hope your day on Tuesday is super. Susan

  2. You`re welcome Susan. Enjoy your day as well.


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