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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Delight and Inspiration to My Children!

I just found some fabulous books for children that are getting rave reviews everywhere! They're Homiedre's boxed set of 3 books: What is Love? What is Friendship? What is Imagination?

Homiedre's Love, Friendship and Imagination books are quite uplifting even for adults who enjoy reading for children. There are many reminders about love, friendship and usage of our imagination to help us get back in touch with our child-self and appreciate life once again. I read all 3 books to my children and it's been a delight and inspiration to them.

Here's what they had to say in a nutshell. "Spiritually uplifting and the kinds of things that gives you those fuzzy wuzzy feelings deep down in your tummy. They make your heart feel super happy and super well. Heart-warming and makes people happy." My 7 year old says, "They make my heart go ba bum, ba bum, ba bum and it gets bigger and bigger." Well there you have it. I couldn't say it better lol.

The pictures help to enhance the powerful message tucked away within these enlightened and fun-filled words. I especially love the rhythmic rhyme throughout these books which keeps the flow of the story as well as your attention.

The books feature "Children, dressed in soft 'critter outfits' accompany the couplets while cavorting on fluffy clouds set on a sky blue background. This is extremely effective, eye catching and makes a wonderful group read.:

WHAT IS LOVE? Here's a snippet:

'You can find Love in all kinds of places.
In smiles and laughs and all kinds of faces.
It's inside our hands so we can use them with care,
Love is even in the curliest of curly strands of hair.
It's in every single toe from big toe to small,
And then into our dance feet
when we're having a ball!'

WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP? - Various aspects of friendship are explored through the charming use of a little boy and his quiet life-like toy robot. Again, the rhyming text makes this book an ideal group read and the artwork is bold and concise; splendidly executed. Text and illustrations go perfectly together.

'Some friends were made to love,
as others were made to care,
But what all friends have in common,
is knowing how to share!'

WHAT IS IMAGINATION? - A little girl, Petunia and her pet stuffed dog, Patches go about a typical day in a child's life and due to the ability of the little girl and her "pet" the day is livened up in oh so very many ways via the use of their imagination. What a wonderful thing it is to be a child (or an adult, for that matter), with an active and creative imagination! Again, the art work in this book, as with the previous two is rather amazing and simply fun!"

'Well the school day is done, and it was a blast!
Thanks to my imagination, it went by so fast!
But now I must walk, all the way back home,
And see where my imagination, is willing to roam.
So I look at the trees, that are ever so tall.
And can't help to feel, ever so small!'

So don't miss these books - and when you buy them, you'll receive dozens of fabulous downloadable bonuses for you and the children in your life. Click here:

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