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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - You Taking Your Loved Ones For Granted?

You're only guaranteed this moment - right here, right now. Not the next minute or the next year, but right now. That's all we have to cherish the ones that are close to us. That's all we have to stop and smell one more rose. That's all we have to enjoy our life - this moment!

When we look at life this way we begin to look at what's more important to us. Our moments are cherished and not spent frivolously.

Check out today's tunespiration by Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again.

Makes you really think about things.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are you prepared for the coming Shift of 2012?

The revelation of unity and the renaissance of caring and sharing that's quietly transforming our world is illustrated magnificantly in this new inspirational book!

If you ever wondered how God could possibly turn what we have today into the prophesied Golden Age, this book is for YOU!

The Sacred Shift shows exactly how we're going to get from here to there, and what we can each do to help co-create the world we all want, working with family, community, and Source!

This Examiner Book Review announced the release of the e-book.

Then, after that the e-book was an instant Amazon bestseller, this article announced the release of the print book.

This amazing book by world-class experts puts The Great Shift into perspective and brings transformational spiritual concepts down to earth!

"In this anthology, views and suggestions come together from a staggering spectrum of diverse and deep thinkers. The Sacred Shift provides help to understand the possibilities for the new-stage "cross over generation" and considers the future in terms of what we can do." 

~Eileen Howarth, management executive, educator, author, and Reiki Master, Auckland, New Zealand

In this time of rapid change and increasing uncertainties that humanity is experiencing, it is assuring to find a book that provides us with a cosmic road map through the next couple of decades.

What is most valuable about the enlightening essays in The Sacred Shift: Co-Creating Your Future is the continuum of uplifting ideas and good, solid, practical advice given to the readers who are seeking understanding of the unprecedented shift of the ages that we are in the midst of. Highly recommended reading for those who are looking to evolve consciously during these exciting times. 

~ Louise Olivi, M.S. Metaphysical counselor/teacher, past life therapist, New Haven, CT

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This book lets you explore the possibilities that lay ahead for mankind - don't miss it. And when you buy the book, you'll receive dozens of great bonus - for the price of a Kindle book!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 18

5 Tips to Help You Learn to Really Love People

Learning to love people takes a major shift in our perspective of others. If you have a difficult time trusting others then this will take some practice as with any new change. If your current perspective is that people are bad then learning to open your heart to release love in and let love out may seem difficult initially. But that can change using the next few tips I’m going to share with you.

Remember, this will take commitment and persistence on your part to master. You’ve been thinking one way all along and if you want to shift into a new way of living, a higher way of living, you will need to give yourself time to create the new habit. By having the tools I’m about to share with you, you can easily make the shift and bounce back.

Okay, here goes.

Tip #1 - See others as inherently divine

We’ve all been created out of love and from love. Love is our true nature. Ever looked at babies? It’s all about love. But as we grow we learn the ways of others. We’re reprogrammed each day by our environment and without following our inner guidance we become more disconnected and unconscious of our true inner heritage. We’ve forgotten who we are. Make it a conscious decision to be reminded of this truth, not only of yourself but also of others as well.

Tip #2 - See yourself as one with everyone

On a physical level we have the appearance of being separate and yet in that apparent separateness we are all connected on an intangible level. We have an intangible inner communication system that connects us all and sends a rippling effect on the matrix of life. Because there are different levels or frequencies of energy, you can choose to live on a higher level. You can choose thoughts and actions that are on a higher level - that produces healing to others around you. Again, it will take practice to see yourself being a part of everyone else and then choosing higher level thoughts of love to bring others to a higher plane.

Tip #3 - Send love to others, even your enemies

It’s so easy to love the people who love us. It takes a lot more conscious effort to break out of our habitual way of despising those who dislike us or who are being unkind to us. You’ve often heard it said to love your enemies. But how exactly do you do that when you just want to wring their necks? Go within. Shift from your mind to the inner sanctuary that’s already inside of you.

When you do this you will immediately feel a shift in your emotions. When you look into the ‘eyes’ of love inside of you and fix your ‘gaze’ into pure love, the anger and resentment you feel will begin to melt away. But you need to stay there. The moment you take your eyes off you’ll fall right back into the old mental habit. Keep your gaze on love until you are free to say, “I love you. I bless you. I wish you well.”

Tip #4 - Nurture the Presence of Unconditional Love

Remember that ‘gaze into the eyes of love’ we just talked about? Here’s where you continue to nurture that feeling of love in your heart. Allow it to expand inside of you; healing you, transforming you in its powerful presence. Bask in the Presence of Unconditional Love and allow the power of the Great Universal Spirit to wash you clean of all the negative energies that cloud over the sun of your soul. Do this often and allow the warmth of love to embrace you from within.

Tip #5 - Walk in Love

Be conscious of ‘walking in love, with love’. You become the conduit through which divine love can be expressed to others around you. But the work must begin within you. If you are to love others you must BECOME love in order to give love. Let the Spirit of love be your guide, be your life and loving others will become a natural and higher way of living.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Motivational Quotes Video - Of Loving, Letting Go, and Moving On

I've got some motivational quotes to help you let go and move on.

The interesting thing about change is that you need to put it into practice in order to get the benefits of it. You just can't read about it and expect it to work for you. You've got to practice it each day until it becomes a habit and then a lifestyle.

Have you tried to release the hurt of the past but find yourself stuck in a cycle of emotional turmoil? It's time to heal your emotional wounds, I'll work with you and show you how. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - I Do

Planning on getting married soon or know someone who's getting married? My nephew Baby C aka Christopher Mayers (Producer, Singer, Songwriter) just released his new single - I Do.

Check it out. 

Hope you enjoy.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Have Trouble Getting Along With Others?

If you have struggling in your relationships and are having a difficult time getting along with the people in your life, then this article, written by Martha Smock, is for you and shows you How You Can Get Along Harmoniously With Others.

"When someone does or says something that hurts our feelings, it does not help to brood over the matter. We can have peace of mind and spirit only when we rise out of hurt feelings and bless every person and situation. We do not want to carry along with us bitter memories, injured pride, or self-pity. These are negative feelings that cannot produce good and happy results for us or anyone else.

Is there someone in your life who causes you unhappiness, perhaps a member of your family or a co-worker? Do you find it difficult to think of this person kindly, because when you think of him (or her) your thoughts are filled with criticism, hurt, resentment?

If there is even one person with whom you are not at peace, then you have a work to do, and the work begins with you—in your thoughts and feelings, in your reactions. "But," you may say, "I have honestly tried to get along with this person, and it seems that the very times when I have prayed most and have been most determined to be harmonious have been the times when he has tried my patience beyond endurance. "

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Having Trouble Letting Go of the Past?

If you're having trouble letting go of the past - past hurts, failures etc., then this article I found written by Ian Lawton really visually drives the point home and I hope it will help you to let go and move on with your life, who you were meant to be.

"Whether you are scarred by love, jaded by religion or beaten by circumstance, there comes a time to say “Enough!” and move on. You aren’t serving yourself or changing anyone else by holding on to anger. Rights and wrongs are beside the point now. It’s time to let go, let the past be what it was and move on. You can’t change what happened, but you CAN change what you are making it mean. You can change the story you tell yourself.

One of my favorite children’s stories is Grandpa’s Slippers. Grandma thinks it’s time to throw out Grandpa’s tattered old slippers, but every time she throws them out, he finds them because he loves his old slippers. Grandma is right of course. The time has come for a new pair of slippers. But on the other hand, Grandpa has to make his own choices about when to move on."

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Gifts 2 Giveaway - EXCLUSIVE Member Invite

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society

I found a book that I wanted to share with you. There are a few of books out there that talk about this subject, but none so easy to understand, and simple to use. In writing Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society, Karen Monteverdi, is offering a shortcut, a possibility… you won’t have to wait years to “get it”!

A life that you LOVE living.
A life that you can’t wait to get into each day.
A life that calls forth YOUR unique expression.

We dare to say "Healing by the medical community and alternative health practitioners, are missing bits and pieces." The effectiveness of the conventional health community has always been trial and error.

Karen Monteverdi sets the stage for a new way to look at health, a new way to express ourselves. We call the complex system the Total Holistic Integrated System, and we see it as a expression of how you experience life. You can change your mind, heart, spiritual awareness, become emotionally intelligent and improve your body awareness to create a positive experience of life, letting go of the distress.

Living Consciously in an Ego Driven Society is a guide to understand what that means, how different aspects of “Self” being expressed can affect our quality of life. When we live in ego, we may create unwanted symptoms in our mind/body/spirit and emotional body. The "Ego Driven Society" is a "Stress Full Society!"

What are stress driven illnesses?
(According to the AMA and Natural Healing Communities)

Individuals who have frequent moments of stress and do not take steps to manage their stress are prone to developing stress induced illnesses. Here are some stress-related diseases.

Physical Disorders Related to Stress
• Coronary
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• Heart attack
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Ulcers
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Rheumatism, arthritis
• Colitis
• Chronic bronchitis
• Sinus problems
• Sexual dysfunctions

Emotional Disorders Related to Stress

• Hyperactivity – Bi-Polar Disorders
• Depression – Social Disorders including Agoraphobia
• Suicide
• Violent anger – Irrational thinking
• Nervous System and Brain Disorders e.g. PTSD

And here's the best part, when you buy the book, you can download dozens of similar bonuses that will help you with your own growth. Enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management - Part 17

Successful Living – 4 Tips to Practice Appreciation Instead of Criticism, Ridicule, Scolding and Fault- finding

Make appreciation become your lifestyle. When you’re always criticizing, ridiculing, scolding or fault-finding you’re surrounding yourself with negative energy which drains your life energy and leave you feeling like you’re under a dark cloud, whether you’re aware of it or not. Stop and think for a minute. Let’s go down memory here, the last time you criticized someone how did it feel? Or if you were ridiculing someone how did that feel? Was it uplifting, full of joy, peace and full of life-giving energy or just the opposite?

You see, positive energy gives and increases your life force. Negative energy drains your life force. The more you’re engaged in this negative field of energy – criticism, ridicule, scolding and fault finding, the less energy you have, the more stressed, frustrated and depressed you feel and the more disconnected you become to the Source of all Life.

So let’s look at some practical steps you can use right away to practice appreciation to enrich your life.

Practice Appreciation Tip #1 – Look for and appreciate the good in others

If you’re looking for a fault in another you’ll always find what you’re looking for. So instead of focusing on fault finding shift your focus on looking for the good in them. We all have them. Some may be a bit more difficult to find because, like you, they have gone through some pretty rough times that have caused them to become pessimistic about life. Be patient with yourself and with them as well.

Practice Appreciation Tip #2 – Know that a greater force is at work

In spite of all the negative things and people that are around know that there’s a greater force at work here. The Great Universal Spirit is not asleep nor is God sitting biting his nails wondering what’s going to happen because of all the bad things people are doing. Everything is working out in divine order and the Spirit has a plan that’s bigger than any of us. Rest your mind in that assurance and be thankful that all is working out according to the divine plan and focus on the part that you need to play not only physically but also in your own personal growth.

Practice Appreciation Tip #3 – Be thankful for the people that are in your life right now

None of us were given an exact amount of days, months or years we are to be here on planet earth. Appreciate the people that are in your life right now. Children grow up and move away, some of them you may not see for years. Spouses separate. Friends stay for a while but sometimes go separate ways. All we have to enjoy the company of our loved ones is here and now. Use the time to appreciate them while they are still here for however long that may be.

Practice Appreciation Tip #4 – Be thankful for the wisdom that you possess

When you see someone doing something that you think is foolish, look to your wisdom and be thankful for it. Say a little prayer of appreciation for them that may go something like this, “Father thank you for teaching this person your truth and your wisdom. Open their eyes that they will see that there’s a better way. Thank you for bringing them into a place of understanding and wisdom.” If you have the opportunity to respectfully correct them, share your wisdom in an uplifting manner and help make a difference on their journey, one that they will remember for a long time.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Jim Rohn Inspirational

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - Are You Living Someone Else's Dream?

Living your dream is living your life. Whose life are you living? Are you fulfilling your divine purpose or are you going with the 'norm' of what you're 'supposed' to do? Every great person became great not because they followed the crowd but because they stopped following and started listening. 

They listened to their inner heart, to the voice of the Spirit within them that called them to greatness. They heard the call of greatness within them; they stopped, paid attention and investigated what this call was all about. Then they decided to follow the greatness call to a higher life, did what needed to be done and the results of that is what we see in our physical world.

It's your turn to start living your dream, to start living your greatness, to answer the call of greatness within you. You are unique and you are divine. Uniqueness does not mean a copy of something else. It means one of a kind. Explore your uniqueness, dare to live it and unleash your greatness from within. 

Today's tunespiration - Motivation Song Elements of Greatness Live Your Dreams

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Stop Hindering Your Greatness 5 Strategies to Living a Higher Life

Greatness is your divine heritage. You were meant to be great and live a higher life. You may not be aware that you are playing small. But once you come into the understanding that you are meant for more and that more is already in you, then the mental curtain begins to draw open and the truth of your divine greatness, your divine potential begins to unfold.

Let’s look at 5 strategies that can help you live a higher life, the life you were meant to live here on planet earth, and stop hindering your greatness.

Strategy #1 – Become a student of the Spirit

Be open and willing to learn from the Spirit. If you’re unaware of your true heritage how else can you become more aware? The best source is to learn from the Spirit by turning inward, becoming still and listening to your inner guidance. You will learn how to go beyond the ‘norm’ and live from truth and purpose.

Strategy #2 – Create a schedule and develop a connection habit

Make it a priority to set aside time each day to be alone with the Spirit. As you consciously do this you will begin to develop the habit of connection with Spirit. Many of our struggles come from the lack of this one vital thing. When you’re too busy rushing around from the time you get up in the morning until you go plop at bedtime how can you rejuvenate yourself, how will you learn from Spirit, how will you develop that strong inner connection?

Strategy #3 – Develop your listening skills

Many voices in our outer world are competing for our attention but you need to go beyond the voices outside and allow the inner voice to become louder than the outer. Begin by listening-feeling. What does that mean? Turn your ‘hearing-attention’ inward and feel what the Spirit is saying to you about a particular situation or a particular decision you need to make. This may not be easy for you at first. If it is, good, if not, keep trying until you begin to understand how it works for you.

Strategy #4 – Surround yourself with positive material and people

Read spiritual books, listen to spiritual audios. This is where your listening-feeling skills come in very handy. Instead of running off and reading everything you could get your hands on, ask the Spirit to show you where to start and keep an open mind and a keen eye out for the materials that the Spirit will bring to your attention.

These books, audios or videos will be inspiring and uplifting for you and will help you become more aware of your true potential and the greatness that resides in you. Many great people have begun and are still on this journey for a long time and have experienced many great things that you can learn to help you live a higher life.

Strategy #5 – Do the opposite of what you’ve been doing

If you’re the type to always beat down on yourself, start doing the opposite. Find ways to praise you. Look for the positives in your situations and in your life and always look to see what you can do to make things better. Again, ask the Spirit to show you a different way of looking at your life. Your greatness comes from the intangible, the Spirit. Begin with the positive seed thought within and allow your life to grow into the great oak tree that you are.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts 2 Giveaway Offers 300+ FREE Health and Wellness Related Products, Services & Memberships

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stop Bullies - teach your kids about bullying while they are young!

I had to share this important book with you – hopefully it will save some of your children the pain of bullying or being bullied.

One day after major surgery, Nadia Sahari was looking out her window and began to think of what to do during her six month recovery. There it was right in front of her face! She saw him - THE BULLY CAT. The title came instantly and the story began.

Star was a bully cat and he was mean to all the other cats in her yard. She pulled out the laptop and wrote the story as she lived it and as she saw it for the next six months. All the cats were her inspiration as well as the news on TV and in papers. She could not stand the idea of another child being bullied and then possibly committing suicide. Her heart broke each time and each time it caused a setback for her. She thought of the children and the animals that are so innocent and have no control over what happens to them. Something had to be done!

I knew her children’s book, THE BULLY CAT would definitely help younger children understand, learn and give them the teachings from an interesting cat story since all kids seem to love cats. She made it fun and colorful, too.

The statistics are alarming. According to the ASPCC each day an estimated 160,000 in the USA refuse to go to school because they dread the physical and verbal aggression of their peers. Many more attend school in a chronic state of anxiety and depression. It's reported that 6 out of 10 American youth witness bully at least once a day.

Buy this book for your own family or someone else, but spread the word and help stop this terrible trend. Thanks for your care and concern.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 16

Be good to all and practice kindness

Practicing kindness is a habit that can be cultivated. Remember the golden rule, “Do to others as you’d like them to do to you.” Whatever seed you sow, whether good or bad, that you will also reap. Selective sowing of good seeds as far as how the universal laws go does not work. In other words, if you choose to do 'good' only to your friends and the people that like you 'good' will come back to you. But if you choose to be mean to the people who are mean to you then reaping a harvest of good is unlikely.

For example, you can sow cucumber seeds and harvest cucumber fruit but you cannot sow grass seeds in your garden and expect to harvest strawberries. It just doesn’t work that way. Being good to all and practicing kindness will ensure that you reap a harvest of continuous good in your life.

You might say, “Well, I’ve been good to some people and then they turned around and treated me so meanly, why should I have to treat them any different than how they treated me?” I would say to you, “Wish them good in thought and in action. Forgive and free yourself from the entanglement of negativity and let the Spirit of the Universe handle them. Keep your mind and heart free and nurture the seed of love inside of you.”

You see, people’s behaviours are not always in response to you directly. Those responses come from past hurtful experiences – things which occurred in their lives that affected them deeply at a time of their own vulnerability. They need to be shown genuine love and that’s not a one-time thing but a continuous flow of love before they can believe that they are worth it or that true love really exists.

You see if a person has been exposed to abuse from a young age that’s all they’re consciously aware of. The love they were initially born with became buried underneath all the hostility they endured from trusted sources – parents, relatives etc. Encountering true love for this individual takes time and is often met with suspicion.

You never know whose life you can change and transform by your goodness and your kindness. You may be the only light in that person’s dark world whether it’s for a brief moment or for a length of time.

Here’s a strategy to help you when dealing with a difficult person – see yourself as being the light in their life. See yourself as a gift to that person, as a God-sent at a time of their greatest need. Follow Spirit guidance to understand how you can best serve and bring healing to them. You do not necessarily have to lecture them but you can give a word of encouragement, believe in them until they believe in themselves, a smile goes a long way and often times silence – just being a listening ear – can break down walls and invite healing.

By being good to all and practicing kindness you not only heal the people that come into contact with you but you also keep the flow of life-energy moving freely through your life.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Life's Biggest Questions with Deepak Chopra

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - Fly on Spirit Wings

When you live a higher life you learn to fly on Spirit wings. Your dreams manifest with ease and effortlessly with Spirit guidance. You have all the help you need to soar. All the universal agents await your desire to help you. You only need to get clear on what it is you want, create a mental image of your desire and pay attention to Spirit guidance each step of the way. Begin where you are with what you have and what you need will come to help you take the next step. 

Make the commitment to your desire this weekend and fly on Spirit wings and transform your life.

Today's tunespiration - On My Father's Wings - Quest for Camelot

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Does Knowledge Equal Experience?

Do you have head knowledge of living a higher life or do you have knowledge through experience?

Just recently my children were preparing for their piano recital and one of my daughters was practicing a song which would be accompanied on piano by another student and her teacher, which was also her mom. As the student practiced her piece she was having problems playing one part of the melody. When her mom corrected her she responded, “I know.”

Her mom corrected her, “If you know, then play like you know.”

The student responded, “Yes mom, I know.”

“Well, if you know and you don’t play like you do then you don’t know and I have to correct you. But if you do know then you’ll play like you know otherwise I’ll keep correcting you until you do it right,” her mom firmly responded.

That sounded like tough love and very wise counsel, something Dad always say to our children. You see, if you know it and then you’re not doing it, it’s because you don’t understand it and if you don’t understand it, as my children would say, “you are a professional amateur.”

Knowing it in your head is one thing but you must know it experientially. For example, if you only have head knowledge about riding a bicycle but have no experience then you still don’t know how to ride a bicycle do you?

That brings me to you. If you’ve been struggling to change your life and you say you know the information but you’re not experiencing the change then you don’t really know it do you or you don’t really understand it do you?

You can only truly know something by experience – knowing the feelings and the mechanics from actual experience.

You cannot grow spiritually by just reading all about it. You have to experience it inside of you.

You cannot attract the love of your life by head knowledge. You have to experience it inside of you.
You cannot build your self-esteem or self-confidence by just wanting to do it. You have to experience it inside of you.

You cannot find inner peace by just hearing someone tell you about it. You have to experience it inside of you.

And only then you will truly know.

You see, head knowledge is external and I use that word loosely. But experience is internal. You know it in your feelings and in all of your cells. There’s a difference.

Now, if you are ready to really know how to live a higher life, a more meaningful life with clarity and purpose then, like the piano teacher who was willing to help her daughter, I’m willing to help you to, not just have a head knowledge of it, but to experience it in all of you and all of your cells. I’ll also help you to work through all of the roadblocks, internally and externally, that are preventing you from truly creating the change you desire.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Photo Adventure in Positivity You Won't Want to Miss! Cuba like we've never seen it - People who exhibit Positivity everyday!

Photo Adventures in Cuba ~

Unlock Your Power of Positivity

The Most Curious Positive Psychology Coaching Adventure

You’ll Ever Take!

Ready to banish boredom and make a radical shift in how you travel? To bang bongos, ride a water buffalo, and creep into a cavernous cave? Don’t worry, the 6 foot snake was dead!

Whether you’re a coach, seeker, or travel adventurer, you will love this book!

Judy wrote this book as a tribute to her mother who inspired her to travel to Cuba. Now you who love adventure can savor it, too. And you who seek joy and confidence can discover your strengths. And you coaches and consultants can soak up the latest strengths spotting strategies.

Are you in overwhelm? Does your day flow like you want? Do you want more jump out bed energy?

and see and feel how life sparkles for the Cubans
who embrace positivity life enhancers:
Joy, Gratitude, Serenity, Interest, Hope, Pride,
Awe, Amusement, Inspiration and Love . . .

It will rocket you to galaxies of glee!

“I have always wanted to visit Cuba, and Judy’s vibrant book transported me there, mind, heart and soul. This is a “must read” for anyone who wants to embark upon a delightful journey into the possible!”

Viki Winterton, Publisher, Insights and PUBLISHED! magazines

“Photo Adventures of Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity is overflowing with gorgeous photos and spirited text that will activate and energize your ‘upward spiral,’ feed your soul, and bring a smile to your face!”

Janice Taylor, Life and Wellness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author of Our Lady of Weight Loss

If you are a Joy Seeker…

After you finish Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity you will…

Discover Hemingway’s Havana and why he used his savvy strengths.
Delight in 136 picturesque “travel back to classic car time” photos, each depicting a strength.
Savor 24 uniquely inspiring “how to engage your strengths” human interest stories.
Infuse more meaning into your life with soul-searching questions at the end of each chapter.
Imagine yourself smiling in the photos sporting a whole new strengths wardrobe.
Feel transformed with gratitude by Cuba’s thriving spirit.
Claim confidence and bolster your immunity,
Let happy days add healthy years to your life.

Wow! And yippee, positivity is a learned skill.
Strengths make your life sizzle.
A gift you give yourself.
This book is like savoring your strengths in a five-star spa!

Praise from Professionals:

“Judy Krings brings the Strengths and Virtues of Positive Psychology to life!”

Martin Seligman, Ph.D.
Leadership Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, and Director, Positive Psychology Center, author of Flourish

“If you know her, you hear her voice and her laughter come through in her newest book, ‘Photo Adventures in Cuba, Unlock Your Power of Positivity”. Follow her through a heartfelt journey into Cuba as she demonstrates the power of positivity. Watch how you connect your own values/strengths by walking the streets along side this most humorous vibrant woman. Her powerful positivity questions at the end of each chapter beg one to go inside and reflect. From a time gone by to our time in the here and now, using our strengths to the fullest is something we should all carry with us.

Sallie Felton, PCC, Life Coach, International Radio Talk Host, Co-Author of GPS for Success, Stepping Stones for Success, Clutter Free and Clear; Author of Start Where You Stand, Finding Your True North in Life/Work Balance and 1 Bestseller, If I Am So Smart, Why Can’t I Get Rid of Clutter Bravo, Judy!”

Monday, June 4, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 15

5 Tips To Always Take Time For Simple Pleasures

Taking time for simple pleasures not an option for you? Think again. With all of your daily responsibilities, taking time out of your busy schedule to enjoy simple pleasures is essential for your personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re always on the go it’s time to learn how to slow down, clear off the non-essential things from your schedule and take the time to “smell the roses” with these 5 tips.

1) Conscious simple pleasures incorporation

You need to make a conscious decision that you will take the time for simple pleasures and incorporate that into your daily schedule. When you plan your day how often do you put simple pleasures as part of your schedule? That’s not something that we consciously do. But when you make a firm decision about this you’ll find that it becomes easier to remember. At first you do this consciously and keep reminding yourself until it becomes a habit.

2) Remove the non-essential activities

Evaluate your activities. Which ones are just draining energy from you and are not replenishing your energy supply or adding to your personal growth? Get rid of them so you can incorporate activities that may be simple but add a lot of value to your life, like the powerful healing combo of rest and relaxation.

3) Be present often

Many times we become preoccupied with life – what’s not working, what needs to be done - that we miss the miracle of the present moment. If your attention is drawn elsewhere how could you see the blessing in the present moment? Practice paying attention to what’s in front of you more often and you’ll find that you begin to catch those simple yet powerful pleasures in the moment.

4) See beyond the common

Miracles hide in the very common but you only see them when you’re paying attention and you’re looking beyond the common, beyond the ordinary. For example, on a common overcast day you may see the clouds part just for a few seconds revealing the blue sky and the rays of sun coming through. Then the clouds come together again.

Seeing beyond the common would be to see the sun ray as a sign of hope for you and confirmation from the Spirit that all is well or that all is working out on your behalf. Many times this has been a source of comfort for me during my times of struggle or uncertainty.

5) Make simple pleasures a big thing

Sunbathing after a long winter could be turned into a big thing. Think of it as a time of connecting to the healing energies of love and life. See your body becoming rejuvenated with renewed power; a time to connect with the Great Universal Spirit and consciously sharing in this divine heritage.

What about a simple flower? Observe with keen eyes the activities of the bees as they go from flower to flower. Go beyond that and observe the cooperation and timing of nature as everything works in harmony to bring about fruit for eating. What lessons are you learning are you observe? It’s all about taking the time to marvel at life and embrace simple pleasures.

Can you think of other ways to enjoy simple pleasures?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Can You Make The Impossible Possible?

You can make the impossible possible in your life. But it takes the mindset of knowing who you are and the determination to press forward in spite of obstacles - what I call the bulldozer mindset.

Check out the video.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - Anything Is Possible

I like this quote from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - Once you believe in yourself and see your soul as divine and precious you'll automatically be converted to a being who can create a miracle. 

It starts with the belief in yourself and then turning that belief into sight - what you see about yourself and how you view your own soul makes anything possible.  

Today's tunespiration - Anything Is Possible - Will Young

Friday, June 1, 2012

Stop the self-sabotage - Are you sabotaging your progress?

You know something's wrong when you're not getting the results you desire but for some reason you can't put your finger on it. You're struggling along doing the same things over and over again and find that you're still coming up with the same results. Feeling like you're hitting a brick wall every time?

I want to share with you 3 questions you can ask yourself right now to help you end the sabotage to your progress.

1) What it is you want?

You may have heard this question asked many times but are you clear on what it is you want in your life? Do you see a clear image of your desire? Not having a clear path to what you want sabotages your progress from the onset.

2) What are you focused on?

Okay, so you say that you are very clear on what you want but I have to ask you, "What are you focused on?" If you're focused on all the negativity you're getting in your life and on why you can't catch a break or why is this always happening to me, then you're focused on the wrong thing. You need to keep your mind and attention on the direction you want to go in order to get there.

3) How is your self-talk?

What are you saying to yourself each day? Your self-talk must match up with the results you want in order for your desire to become a reality. And your self-talk comes as a result of what you're feeling inside. You need to create the feelings of your desire - the feelings that you'd have as you're already
living what you desire.

Use this weekend to go through these questions, write out the answers because they will help you get on a clear path towards manifesting what it is you truly want in your life.

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