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Monday, June 18, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management - Part 17

Successful Living – 4 Tips to Practice Appreciation Instead of Criticism, Ridicule, Scolding and Fault- finding

Make appreciation become your lifestyle. When you’re always criticizing, ridiculing, scolding or fault-finding you’re surrounding yourself with negative energy which drains your life energy and leave you feeling like you’re under a dark cloud, whether you’re aware of it or not. Stop and think for a minute. Let’s go down memory here, the last time you criticized someone how did it feel? Or if you were ridiculing someone how did that feel? Was it uplifting, full of joy, peace and full of life-giving energy or just the opposite?

You see, positive energy gives and increases your life force. Negative energy drains your life force. The more you’re engaged in this negative field of energy – criticism, ridicule, scolding and fault finding, the less energy you have, the more stressed, frustrated and depressed you feel and the more disconnected you become to the Source of all Life.

So let’s look at some practical steps you can use right away to practice appreciation to enrich your life.

Practice Appreciation Tip #1 – Look for and appreciate the good in others

If you’re looking for a fault in another you’ll always find what you’re looking for. So instead of focusing on fault finding shift your focus on looking for the good in them. We all have them. Some may be a bit more difficult to find because, like you, they have gone through some pretty rough times that have caused them to become pessimistic about life. Be patient with yourself and with them as well.

Practice Appreciation Tip #2 – Know that a greater force is at work

In spite of all the negative things and people that are around know that there’s a greater force at work here. The Great Universal Spirit is not asleep nor is God sitting biting his nails wondering what’s going to happen because of all the bad things people are doing. Everything is working out in divine order and the Spirit has a plan that’s bigger than any of us. Rest your mind in that assurance and be thankful that all is working out according to the divine plan and focus on the part that you need to play not only physically but also in your own personal growth.

Practice Appreciation Tip #3 – Be thankful for the people that are in your life right now

None of us were given an exact amount of days, months or years we are to be here on planet earth. Appreciate the people that are in your life right now. Children grow up and move away, some of them you may not see for years. Spouses separate. Friends stay for a while but sometimes go separate ways. All we have to enjoy the company of our loved ones is here and now. Use the time to appreciate them while they are still here for however long that may be.

Practice Appreciation Tip #4 – Be thankful for the wisdom that you possess

When you see someone doing something that you think is foolish, look to your wisdom and be thankful for it. Say a little prayer of appreciation for them that may go something like this, “Father thank you for teaching this person your truth and your wisdom. Open their eyes that they will see that there’s a better way. Thank you for bringing them into a place of understanding and wisdom.” If you have the opportunity to respectfully correct them, share your wisdom in an uplifting manner and help make a difference on their journey, one that they will remember for a long time.

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  1. Hi This is good thing for Successful Living and Stress Management.

    1. Thanks. Keep putting them into practice.


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