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Friday, June 8, 2012

Does Knowledge Equal Experience?

Do you have head knowledge of living a higher life or do you have knowledge through experience?

Just recently my children were preparing for their piano recital and one of my daughters was practicing a song which would be accompanied on piano by another student and her teacher, which was also her mom. As the student practiced her piece she was having problems playing one part of the melody. When her mom corrected her she responded, “I know.”

Her mom corrected her, “If you know, then play like you know.”

The student responded, “Yes mom, I know.”

“Well, if you know and you don’t play like you do then you don’t know and I have to correct you. But if you do know then you’ll play like you know otherwise I’ll keep correcting you until you do it right,” her mom firmly responded.

That sounded like tough love and very wise counsel, something Dad always say to our children. You see, if you know it and then you’re not doing it, it’s because you don’t understand it and if you don’t understand it, as my children would say, “you are a professional amateur.”

Knowing it in your head is one thing but you must know it experientially. For example, if you only have head knowledge about riding a bicycle but have no experience then you still don’t know how to ride a bicycle do you?

That brings me to you. If you’ve been struggling to change your life and you say you know the information but you’re not experiencing the change then you don’t really know it do you or you don’t really understand it do you?

You can only truly know something by experience – knowing the feelings and the mechanics from actual experience.

You cannot grow spiritually by just reading all about it. You have to experience it inside of you.

You cannot attract the love of your life by head knowledge. You have to experience it inside of you.
You cannot build your self-esteem or self-confidence by just wanting to do it. You have to experience it inside of you.

You cannot find inner peace by just hearing someone tell you about it. You have to experience it inside of you.

And only then you will truly know.

You see, head knowledge is external and I use that word loosely. But experience is internal. You know it in your feelings and in all of your cells. There’s a difference.

Now, if you are ready to really know how to live a higher life, a more meaningful life with clarity and purpose then, like the piano teacher who was willing to help her daughter, I’m willing to help you to, not just have a head knowledge of it, but to experience it in all of you and all of your cells. I’ll also help you to work through all of the roadblocks, internally and externally, that are preventing you from truly creating the change you desire.

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