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Friday, June 22, 2012

Have Trouble Getting Along With Others?

If you have struggling in your relationships and are having a difficult time getting along with the people in your life, then this article, written by Martha Smock, is for you and shows you How You Can Get Along Harmoniously With Others.

"When someone does or says something that hurts our feelings, it does not help to brood over the matter. We can have peace of mind and spirit only when we rise out of hurt feelings and bless every person and situation. We do not want to carry along with us bitter memories, injured pride, or self-pity. These are negative feelings that cannot produce good and happy results for us or anyone else.

Is there someone in your life who causes you unhappiness, perhaps a member of your family or a co-worker? Do you find it difficult to think of this person kindly, because when you think of him (or her) your thoughts are filled with criticism, hurt, resentment?

If there is even one person with whom you are not at peace, then you have a work to do, and the work begins with you—in your thoughts and feelings, in your reactions. "But," you may say, "I have honestly tried to get along with this person, and it seems that the very times when I have prayed most and have been most determined to be harmonious have been the times when he has tried my patience beyond endurance. "

Do you need further help to work through the process of healing your emotional scars, go here to learn more.


  1. What a lovely post, Alicia. Thanks for the reminder to think of all people, even those pains in our life, as children of God. That was great. I read Unity's little booklet daily and have for many, many years. Wonderful. Susan

    1. You're welcome Susan. Yes, my mom always read their books and Unity's material is very uplifting and inspirational.


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