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Monday, June 4, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 15

5 Tips To Always Take Time For Simple Pleasures

Taking time for simple pleasures not an option for you? Think again. With all of your daily responsibilities, taking time out of your busy schedule to enjoy simple pleasures is essential for your personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re always on the go it’s time to learn how to slow down, clear off the non-essential things from your schedule and take the time to “smell the roses” with these 5 tips.

1) Conscious simple pleasures incorporation

You need to make a conscious decision that you will take the time for simple pleasures and incorporate that into your daily schedule. When you plan your day how often do you put simple pleasures as part of your schedule? That’s not something that we consciously do. But when you make a firm decision about this you’ll find that it becomes easier to remember. At first you do this consciously and keep reminding yourself until it becomes a habit.

2) Remove the non-essential activities

Evaluate your activities. Which ones are just draining energy from you and are not replenishing your energy supply or adding to your personal growth? Get rid of them so you can incorporate activities that may be simple but add a lot of value to your life, like the powerful healing combo of rest and relaxation.

3) Be present often

Many times we become preoccupied with life – what’s not working, what needs to be done - that we miss the miracle of the present moment. If your attention is drawn elsewhere how could you see the blessing in the present moment? Practice paying attention to what’s in front of you more often and you’ll find that you begin to catch those simple yet powerful pleasures in the moment.

4) See beyond the common

Miracles hide in the very common but you only see them when you’re paying attention and you’re looking beyond the common, beyond the ordinary. For example, on a common overcast day you may see the clouds part just for a few seconds revealing the blue sky and the rays of sun coming through. Then the clouds come together again.

Seeing beyond the common would be to see the sun ray as a sign of hope for you and confirmation from the Spirit that all is well or that all is working out on your behalf. Many times this has been a source of comfort for me during my times of struggle or uncertainty.

5) Make simple pleasures a big thing

Sunbathing after a long winter could be turned into a big thing. Think of it as a time of connecting to the healing energies of love and life. See your body becoming rejuvenated with renewed power; a time to connect with the Great Universal Spirit and consciously sharing in this divine heritage.

What about a simple flower? Observe with keen eyes the activities of the bees as they go from flower to flower. Go beyond that and observe the cooperation and timing of nature as everything works in harmony to bring about fruit for eating. What lessons are you learning are you observe? It’s all about taking the time to marvel at life and embrace simple pleasures.

Can you think of other ways to enjoy simple pleasures?

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