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Friday, June 15, 2012

Stop Hindering Your Greatness 5 Strategies to Living a Higher Life

Greatness is your divine heritage. You were meant to be great and live a higher life. You may not be aware that you are playing small. But once you come into the understanding that you are meant for more and that more is already in you, then the mental curtain begins to draw open and the truth of your divine greatness, your divine potential begins to unfold.

Let’s look at 5 strategies that can help you live a higher life, the life you were meant to live here on planet earth, and stop hindering your greatness.

Strategy #1 – Become a student of the Spirit

Be open and willing to learn from the Spirit. If you’re unaware of your true heritage how else can you become more aware? The best source is to learn from the Spirit by turning inward, becoming still and listening to your inner guidance. You will learn how to go beyond the ‘norm’ and live from truth and purpose.

Strategy #2 – Create a schedule and develop a connection habit

Make it a priority to set aside time each day to be alone with the Spirit. As you consciously do this you will begin to develop the habit of connection with Spirit. Many of our struggles come from the lack of this one vital thing. When you’re too busy rushing around from the time you get up in the morning until you go plop at bedtime how can you rejuvenate yourself, how will you learn from Spirit, how will you develop that strong inner connection?

Strategy #3 – Develop your listening skills

Many voices in our outer world are competing for our attention but you need to go beyond the voices outside and allow the inner voice to become louder than the outer. Begin by listening-feeling. What does that mean? Turn your ‘hearing-attention’ inward and feel what the Spirit is saying to you about a particular situation or a particular decision you need to make. This may not be easy for you at first. If it is, good, if not, keep trying until you begin to understand how it works for you.

Strategy #4 – Surround yourself with positive material and people

Read spiritual books, listen to spiritual audios. This is where your listening-feeling skills come in very handy. Instead of running off and reading everything you could get your hands on, ask the Spirit to show you where to start and keep an open mind and a keen eye out for the materials that the Spirit will bring to your attention.

These books, audios or videos will be inspiring and uplifting for you and will help you become more aware of your true potential and the greatness that resides in you. Many great people have begun and are still on this journey for a long time and have experienced many great things that you can learn to help you live a higher life.

Strategy #5 – Do the opposite of what you’ve been doing

If you’re the type to always beat down on yourself, start doing the opposite. Find ways to praise you. Look for the positives in your situations and in your life and always look to see what you can do to make things better. Again, ask the Spirit to show you a different way of looking at your life. Your greatness comes from the intangible, the Spirit. Begin with the positive seed thought within and allow your life to grow into the great oak tree that you are.

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