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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make everyday thanksgiving

Even though this time has been set aside to celebrate Thanksgiving collectively, we need to have a heart of Thanksgiving every day of our lives.

As we cherish each moment and each of our life experiences, we learn to appreciate everyone that comes into our lives. When we make a conscious decision to look at life from a positive angle, we influence and recreate our future by the positive emotions we emit which draw back to us a mirrored reflection of our hearts. The emotion of thankfulness and gratitude puts us into a state of positive vibes in turn attracting more positive experiences into our lives.

When we set our minds on looking for the positive in every situation our stress level lessens tremendously. No longer are we struggling to turn things around or are fighting an uphill battle which attracts more negativity into our energy vibration but we now align ourselves with position vibrations that begin to turn our external experiences around.

In an attitude of thanksgiving, life is full of fresh adventure no matter where we may be at this point.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Open your heart and home to someone this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is not only a time to give thanks but to share this time with others who have no one to share this time with.

To all my American friends who are celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

In October when Canada celebrated Thanksgiving, our family was getting ready to enjoy our turkey dinner. The aroma of fresh baked turkey filled the air, but something else caught my husband's attention. It was our neighbour who was outside chopping log for his fire place. He had no family present with him.

My husband recalled his time of loneliness when his mom died many years ago just before Christmas and he wish he had Christmas supper with his mom. As he observed how lonely our friend must feel on Thanksgiving, he felt the strong urge to go and invite him over for Thanksgiving supper, which he did.

Our friend and neighbour had a wonderful time and my husband took a picture with him with our huge turkey at centrefold.

Little did we know that that would have been our friend's last Thanksgiving. Two weeks later, our friend suffered a massive heart attack which ended his journey here on earth.

What was it my husband truly saw other than our friend's loneliness? What was it that called out to him or drew his attention from the unseen world that compelled him to make such a decision?

In your celebration open your heart and home to someone this Thanksgiving. It may be the only time you have to share of yourself before they're called home, or it may be last opportunity you may have to bless someone else's life. Look around you, who are you drawn to this Thanksgiving to make a difference in their life? It may be the only moment you have to impact that person and change the direction of their life.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 5 - Loving my legs and all of me.

Our legs have the awesome responsibility of balancing our body weight and taking us where ever we want to go - bouncing, jumping, running, or walking. When we take the time to appreciate the fact that we can move from one place to another, we learn to not take for granted what others wish they had.

So, now, we'll just focus on loving our legs and loving all of us.

I love you, legs and I thank you for supporting my entire body weight. Thank you for taking me where ever I want to go on my command. I allow the energy of love to flow through you and energize you to keep doing what you do so naturally.

I love my body, I love me. I am beautiful. I am unique. There's only one of me. I am a unique amazing blend of DNA displaying an awesome combination of my ancestors, despite how many have gone before me. My voice, talents and fingerprints defines my uniqueness. I am an amazing human being. I love me. I am a gift to the earth at this time, in this era. Therefore, I choose to share my gifts with humanity knowing that no one on the entire planet is exactly like me.

When we realize how unique we are, the urge to feel inferior rolls off our shoulders and therefore we can stand tall, shoulders back, head up, knowing that we have a right to be here and let our light shine brightly.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 4 - Loving your liver

We pay much attention to the visible parts of our bodies and glorify them. But the inner parts which tend to get less attention perform the most essential functions to keep our bodies up to par and in good health.

Our liver could never be replaced and without it, our bodies would not be able to eliminate toxins. It cleans our blood, encourages blood clotting when we bleed and stores sugars used when we're low on energy.

I love you for keeping my blood clean within my body. Thank you for storing sugars and giving me the energy I need when I am low.

I release my energy of love to you that you may be energized and remain in good health. As I appreciate you, I will also do my part to watch the foods I eat in order not to overwhelm you.

Thank you, liver. I bless you.

Beyond the Crisis: The Future of Capitalism by Adjiedj Bakas

ADJIEDJ BAKAS is launching this book, Beyond the Crisis: The Future of Capitalism, and it looks like something we would all be interested in as it about the current economic crisis, its origins, and what’s behind today’s headlines: A cleanup before a grand new age begins.

In Beyond the Crisis, Bakas explains the natural flow of the economy with ups and downs. He envisions Boom after Doom, yet a totally different kind of Boom than we used to know. This insightful, inspiring book really helps you through the most severe crisis of our lifetime. It’s not your usual dry diatribe, but a book filled with photos and outstanding concepts both past and present.

Read more here:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 3 - Loving my heart

Now that we've gone through the process of taking the time to love ourselves by loving our heads, let's look at some other body parts worthy of our attention, like our hearts.

The heart is constantly pumping, giving us a rhythmic melody within our bodies. Take the time to tune in to the sound waves of your heart, perhaps coming in harmony with each beat and create your own melody. I do this with my children and make up a silly song with each beat - the result - laughter. Laughter is the melody of the soul. It releases tension and puts you into positive vibes.

Take the time to focus on loving our heart. Visualize your heart as the center from which the life blood is being pumped through to your veins to all of your cells and throughout your body. As you visualize this, say, "I love you. Thank you for keeping the life flow moving through my body.

Now visualize the energy of love energizing your heart now that you're giving it all of your attention.

Visualize this love energy flowing and moving through your blood through your veins and saturating all of your cells and rejuvenating each cell.

Get your emotions involved in there too. Visualize each cell now filled with vitality to carry out its function in a new energized environment of love, peace and harmony. Allow yourself to bask in that moment for as long as you need.

Love energy is filled with healing properties. Many of our ailments come because of lack of love, whether toward ourselves or others.

Watch out for your energy level during the day. It will soar high. Because you've taken the time to love you, to love your vital body organs which will send positive energy waves throughout your body.

Feel free to leave a comment of your experience. I'd love to hear how this exercise has impacted you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 2

As we begin to love ourselves, we're sending positive energy waves to every part of us. How often do we take for granted our body parts, especially our most vital hidden inner organs that do so much to keep us in the best of health despite our abuse of them? Only when some serious illness has taken control do many begin to pay attention to these faithful organs.

So, we'll start with our head:

The brain

I love you. I appreciate you for functioning the way you do. For allowing me to express myself even though at times I entertain thoughts that are not healthy for you.

The eyes

I love you. Thank you for lighting up my world that I may see and enjoy the many different beautiful and vibrant colours around. I appreciate you for being my guide that I may clearly see my way each day and avoid bumping into things.

The nose

I love you and because of you I can enjoy the many various fragrances.

My mouth

I can talk and talk and talk all day and despite my constant yapping, you are with me all the time 24/7, never complaining. I love you and thank you for putting up with me. I can colour my world with my sophisticated articulation.

My ears

From the noises of the busy traffic to the crying of a sleepy baby to the singing of the birds, I hear all of life's sound vibrations because of you. I love you.

You can complete the full exercise with your hair, your eyebrows, and neck until you've completed the entire head.

Doing this exercise allows you to appreciate every part of you in addition to letting you feel better about yourself and express love to your body members.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 1

Do you love yourself? It is time to take some time to love you. When you look in the mirror, can you look into your eyes and truly say, "I love you?"

Stop now and do the exercise.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Say, "I love you."

If you've felt some resistance within you, it's time to find out why. By stopping to search within you allow the answers to surface. Here is where you have the opportunity to decide if the reason for your resistance is truly real. If it's not, it's time to replace it with a new truth.

E.g. If your resistance comes back with, "I'm ugly", or "I can't stand you," then, it's time to ask why. Is there some hidden past experience that's causing you to feel the way you feel now? Stop and listen for the inward quiet response or reminder.

Ask the question "Is this what I truly believe of myself now?"
If not, decide and declare your belief, repeating your truth to yourself.

Begin the exercise again. Look in the mirror and say, I love you.

If you didn't come up right away with any conscious reasons why you may not love yourself, continue to the next exercise by repeatedly saying, "I love you," until you begin to feel more comfortable saying it.

The biggest problem with low self-esteem is that many have not learned the art of forgiving and loving themselves. They've punished themselves for years, perhaps for things that were out of their control to begin with and for things which are in the past that they cannot change.

But you can begin to change your life today. Now, is the only time you have, not the past, not the future but now. Begin to love you, today! You'll begin to send positive vibes to your body instead of negative resistance which affects your health more than you can imagine.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't allow yesterday's negativity to influence today's opportunities

The artist critiques his art, the designer his designs and the writer his written material - all looking for ways to enhance their creativity and bring out the best in their work.

If we all made the shift in our consciousness and come from the angle of looking for the strengths, the positive in others, situations and things we can enhance our lives and the lives of others. By putting more emphasis on the positive, on the strengths, even in our children we allow them to see the positive aspects of themselves, build their self-esteem and focus on those strengths which overshadow any weaknesses.

If we build on these strengths, even in our businesses and relations with others, the pet peeves will naturally fall away, because we've selected to search for and enhance what is positive in another.

What about you? Are you critical of yourself? Begin to look at your strengths, search for them and let your gaze become focused on them and those shortcomings will naturally fade away out of view.

Release the inner urge to be critical, and allow yourself to be open to the moment and allow the positive to emerge. Every day is a new day. Start with a fresh slate and welcome and expect the best. Don't allow yesterday's negativity to influence today's opportunities.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Check your dominant thoughts to change your life!

Whatever you are focused on, that's the direction you will go. Your words, your actions and even the events of your life will reflect what's within your inner world. Your dominant thoughts are what will take you in the direction of your life.

Let's use a practical example:

If you're going for a walk and looking away, you end up following the direction of your thought if you keep looking in that direction. If you quickly glimpse away and return to your original direction, it's easy to stay on track. But a long gaze will certainly take you off track the original direction and onto the new direction of your captured thought.

Another example:

If you're driving and you keep your focus straight ahead you have control of your vehicle. If you quickly glimpse away and return your focus, you may still be able to control the vehicle and stay on course. However, if you become distracted and start to look somewhere else, your vehicle will begin to swerve into that direction perhaps causing a major collision or land you in a ditch.

What ever is your dominant thought, that thought that is persistent and constant, will change the direction of your life. If you're not getting the results you desire for a long time, check your dominant thoughts to see if they're aligned with what you desire. If not, change your thoughts, let your desire become the dominant thoughts and change the direction of your life.

How then do you change your thoughts?

Begin to think about what it is you desire to occur in your life. Become very clear on your direction. A vague picture of your desire will give you vague results. When you are very clear on where you desire your life to go and you are firm on your decision, you'll not sway back and forth. But instead, your thoughts would influence your words and your actions towards reaching your goal.

As you keep thinking about what you desire, you're feeding your desire with the energy needed to bring it into manifestation. The more the thought energy put into your desire, the more momentum you'll have to keep moving in the direction of your goal.

Watch out for distractions that they don't take your attention away from the direction in which you're going. Keep doubts out of your business and stay positive.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Color My World - new book launch

Debbie Mancini-Wilson has written an amazing book that nurtures creativity, fosters independent thinking skills and celebrates uniqueness! 'Color My World' is a treasure for kids and adults alike as it gives us a clear passage to what is in their heads and hearts.

Do some early holiday shopping today, and receive $8,000 in FREE GIFTS for YOU!

Here’s what Debbie said:
I am preparing to launch a campaign for my book, Color My World in an attempt to get it into the hands of more children everywhere, and I know that you will want to help make that happen ~ especially since the holidays are right around the corner ~ and this is the perfect gift!

As you know, I have been traveling the country conducting workshops, working with children, parents and teachers ~ the response has been amazing! Although I've appeared on several television and radio shows around the country (including a 9 segment series on an NBC Morning Show), I simply can not be everywhere I need to be quickly enough, and so this campaign is my effort to get the book into as many little hands as possible. What better time than the holidays?

Color My World is the perfect gift for every kid on every holiday list because it is both educational and entertaining. Kids love it, and parents cherish it. By the way, teachers are among its biggest advocates!

It is gender-free ... boys and girls alike are fans of Color My World because it appeals to the individual child and helps to build self-esteem and acceptance. Since Color My World is designed around humor and fun, kids get right into the interactive exercises and begin to journal their feelings and express themselves by writing poems and short stories.

In our fast-paced world, it is difficult enough for us adults to get through our stress-filled days ... but our children are also living with stress levels that are out of control. As a caring adult, give the gift of freedom ... freedom of self-expression ... and watch a joyful child emerge from the stressed-out, test-driven, pushed-too-hard kid you know.

As one of my fans said, "Every child should own this book; every parent should work in it with them."

This book will give you insight, and will open communication in ways that you might not imagine, and it will create golden memories. Psychologists use this book for play therapy because kids don't feel like someone is trying to 'get in there.' And, once their creative juices begin to flow, it unleashes beautiful moments that you will cherish forever!

Let a kid be a kid, and release your inner child as well!

My book is available on ~ and, those who order it through my special launch will receive nearly $8,000 in free downloadable gifts!

Please check it out here: Color My World Promotional Launch ~ and cash in on your free gifts today!

Thank you, and enjoy the magic in your day!

"It's never wrong to write!"

Debbie Mancini-Wilson
Internationally Acclaimed Author
Award-Winning Poet
Child Specialist, Advisory Board Member for ZiggityZoom

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thoughts have a life of their own

Thoughts are very powerful and we need to pay attention to what thoughts we’re constantly dwelling on and what we allow to linger in our minds. Thoughts are very much alive and can take on a life of their own.

Some years ago, I had an enlightening experience and ever since, I’ve learned to disallow thoughts I didn’t want to linger in my mind. I went to my local bank to purchase a $10.00 money order. While I was waiting for the teller, as she stamped the money order, a thought just casually crossed my mind, ‘What if she came back with a $100.00 money order?’ It came to me so naturally and then I thought nothing else of it. When the teller came back to me with the money order, I felt the urge to check the amount and sure enough, $100.00 was stamped on it. I quickly pointed out the error she made, for which she was thankful that I did, and waited as she brought me the $10.00 money order.

Since then I’ve learned to quickly replace any negative thoughts that came to my mind with positive ones, negating the negative effects and outcome.

Excerpt from Creating Unconditional Miracles - new ebook coming soon - watch for it.

Our thoughts create our life and when left unchecked create the life we don't want. Wondering why life is not working for you? Check your dominant thoughts and begin to change those negative thoughts to positive and change your life around.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's just been a crazy week!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything this week. It's just been a crazy week at our house.

I'm working on some new material, new ebook and workbook coming soon 'Creating Unconditional Miracles'.

Plus we're helping our elder daughters as they're working diligently on getting their first ebooks out.

And I can't forget about Dad. He's working hard, too, on his ebook as well as helping the girls tweek their art work. Busy house!

I'll be back into the swing of things by next week with some new inspirational material.

Here's to creating unconditional miracles!

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