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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Color My World - new book launch

Debbie Mancini-Wilson has written an amazing book that nurtures creativity, fosters independent thinking skills and celebrates uniqueness! 'Color My World' is a treasure for kids and adults alike as it gives us a clear passage to what is in their heads and hearts.

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Here’s what Debbie said:
I am preparing to launch a campaign for my book, Color My World in an attempt to get it into the hands of more children everywhere, and I know that you will want to help make that happen ~ especially since the holidays are right around the corner ~ and this is the perfect gift!

As you know, I have been traveling the country conducting workshops, working with children, parents and teachers ~ the response has been amazing! Although I've appeared on several television and radio shows around the country (including a 9 segment series on an NBC Morning Show), I simply can not be everywhere I need to be quickly enough, and so this campaign is my effort to get the book into as many little hands as possible. What better time than the holidays?

Color My World is the perfect gift for every kid on every holiday list because it is both educational and entertaining. Kids love it, and parents cherish it. By the way, teachers are among its biggest advocates!

It is gender-free ... boys and girls alike are fans of Color My World because it appeals to the individual child and helps to build self-esteem and acceptance. Since Color My World is designed around humor and fun, kids get right into the interactive exercises and begin to journal their feelings and express themselves by writing poems and short stories.

In our fast-paced world, it is difficult enough for us adults to get through our stress-filled days ... but our children are also living with stress levels that are out of control. As a caring adult, give the gift of freedom ... freedom of self-expression ... and watch a joyful child emerge from the stressed-out, test-driven, pushed-too-hard kid you know.

As one of my fans said, "Every child should own this book; every parent should work in it with them."

This book will give you insight, and will open communication in ways that you might not imagine, and it will create golden memories. Psychologists use this book for play therapy because kids don't feel like someone is trying to 'get in there.' And, once their creative juices begin to flow, it unleashes beautiful moments that you will cherish forever!

Let a kid be a kid, and release your inner child as well!

My book is available on ~ and, those who order it through my special launch will receive nearly $8,000 in free downloadable gifts!

Please check it out here: Color My World Promotional Launch ~ and cash in on your free gifts today!

Thank you, and enjoy the magic in your day!

"It's never wrong to write!"

Debbie Mancini-Wilson
Internationally Acclaimed Author
Award-Winning Poet
Child Specialist, Advisory Board Member for ZiggityZoom

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