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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Check your dominant thoughts to change your life!

Whatever you are focused on, that's the direction you will go. Your words, your actions and even the events of your life will reflect what's within your inner world. Your dominant thoughts are what will take you in the direction of your life.

Let's use a practical example:

If you're going for a walk and looking away, you end up following the direction of your thought if you keep looking in that direction. If you quickly glimpse away and return to your original direction, it's easy to stay on track. But a long gaze will certainly take you off track the original direction and onto the new direction of your captured thought.

Another example:

If you're driving and you keep your focus straight ahead you have control of your vehicle. If you quickly glimpse away and return your focus, you may still be able to control the vehicle and stay on course. However, if you become distracted and start to look somewhere else, your vehicle will begin to swerve into that direction perhaps causing a major collision or land you in a ditch.

What ever is your dominant thought, that thought that is persistent and constant, will change the direction of your life. If you're not getting the results you desire for a long time, check your dominant thoughts to see if they're aligned with what you desire. If not, change your thoughts, let your desire become the dominant thoughts and change the direction of your life.

How then do you change your thoughts?

Begin to think about what it is you desire to occur in your life. Become very clear on your direction. A vague picture of your desire will give you vague results. When you are very clear on where you desire your life to go and you are firm on your decision, you'll not sway back and forth. But instead, your thoughts would influence your words and your actions towards reaching your goal.

As you keep thinking about what you desire, you're feeding your desire with the energy needed to bring it into manifestation. The more the thought energy put into your desire, the more momentum you'll have to keep moving in the direction of your goal.

Watch out for distractions that they don't take your attention away from the direction in which you're going. Keep doubts out of your business and stay positive.

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