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Friday, November 20, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 5 - Loving my legs and all of me.

Our legs have the awesome responsibility of balancing our body weight and taking us where ever we want to go - bouncing, jumping, running, or walking. When we take the time to appreciate the fact that we can move from one place to another, we learn to not take for granted what others wish they had.

So, now, we'll just focus on loving our legs and loving all of us.

I love you, legs and I thank you for supporting my entire body weight. Thank you for taking me where ever I want to go on my command. I allow the energy of love to flow through you and energize you to keep doing what you do so naturally.

I love my body, I love me. I am beautiful. I am unique. There's only one of me. I am a unique amazing blend of DNA displaying an awesome combination of my ancestors, despite how many have gone before me. My voice, talents and fingerprints defines my uniqueness. I am an amazing human being. I love me. I am a gift to the earth at this time, in this era. Therefore, I choose to share my gifts with humanity knowing that no one on the entire planet is exactly like me.

When we realize how unique we are, the urge to feel inferior rolls off our shoulders and therefore we can stand tall, shoulders back, head up, knowing that we have a right to be here and let our light shine brightly.

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