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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 4 - Loving your liver

We pay much attention to the visible parts of our bodies and glorify them. But the inner parts which tend to get less attention perform the most essential functions to keep our bodies up to par and in good health.

Our liver could never be replaced and without it, our bodies would not be able to eliminate toxins. It cleans our blood, encourages blood clotting when we bleed and stores sugars used when we're low on energy.

I love you for keeping my blood clean within my body. Thank you for storing sugars and giving me the energy I need when I am low.

I release my energy of love to you that you may be energized and remain in good health. As I appreciate you, I will also do my part to watch the foods I eat in order not to overwhelm you.

Thank you, liver. I bless you.

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