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Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't allow yesterday's negativity to influence today's opportunities

The artist critiques his art, the designer his designs and the writer his written material - all looking for ways to enhance their creativity and bring out the best in their work.

If we all made the shift in our consciousness and come from the angle of looking for the strengths, the positive in others, situations and things we can enhance our lives and the lives of others. By putting more emphasis on the positive, on the strengths, even in our children we allow them to see the positive aspects of themselves, build their self-esteem and focus on those strengths which overshadow any weaknesses.

If we build on these strengths, even in our businesses and relations with others, the pet peeves will naturally fall away, because we've selected to search for and enhance what is positive in another.

What about you? Are you critical of yourself? Begin to look at your strengths, search for them and let your gaze become focused on them and those shortcomings will naturally fade away out of view.

Release the inner urge to be critical, and allow yourself to be open to the moment and allow the positive to emerge. Every day is a new day. Start with a fresh slate and welcome and expect the best. Don't allow yesterday's negativity to influence today's opportunities.

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