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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 2

As we begin to love ourselves, we're sending positive energy waves to every part of us. How often do we take for granted our body parts, especially our most vital hidden inner organs that do so much to keep us in the best of health despite our abuse of them? Only when some serious illness has taken control do many begin to pay attention to these faithful organs.

So, we'll start with our head:

The brain

I love you. I appreciate you for functioning the way you do. For allowing me to express myself even though at times I entertain thoughts that are not healthy for you.

The eyes

I love you. Thank you for lighting up my world that I may see and enjoy the many different beautiful and vibrant colours around. I appreciate you for being my guide that I may clearly see my way each day and avoid bumping into things.

The nose

I love you and because of you I can enjoy the many various fragrances.

My mouth

I can talk and talk and talk all day and despite my constant yapping, you are with me all the time 24/7, never complaining. I love you and thank you for putting up with me. I can colour my world with my sophisticated articulation.

My ears

From the noises of the busy traffic to the crying of a sleepy baby to the singing of the birds, I hear all of life's sound vibrations because of you. I love you.

You can complete the full exercise with your hair, your eyebrows, and neck until you've completed the entire head.

Doing this exercise allows you to appreciate every part of you in addition to letting you feel better about yourself and express love to your body members.

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