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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taking the time to love myself - Part 3 - Loving my heart

Now that we've gone through the process of taking the time to love ourselves by loving our heads, let's look at some other body parts worthy of our attention, like our hearts.

The heart is constantly pumping, giving us a rhythmic melody within our bodies. Take the time to tune in to the sound waves of your heart, perhaps coming in harmony with each beat and create your own melody. I do this with my children and make up a silly song with each beat - the result - laughter. Laughter is the melody of the soul. It releases tension and puts you into positive vibes.

Take the time to focus on loving our heart. Visualize your heart as the center from which the life blood is being pumped through to your veins to all of your cells and throughout your body. As you visualize this, say, "I love you. Thank you for keeping the life flow moving through my body.

Now visualize the energy of love energizing your heart now that you're giving it all of your attention.

Visualize this love energy flowing and moving through your blood through your veins and saturating all of your cells and rejuvenating each cell.

Get your emotions involved in there too. Visualize each cell now filled with vitality to carry out its function in a new energized environment of love, peace and harmony. Allow yourself to bask in that moment for as long as you need.

Love energy is filled with healing properties. Many of our ailments come because of lack of love, whether toward ourselves or others.

Watch out for your energy level during the day. It will soar high. Because you've taken the time to love you, to love your vital body organs which will send positive energy waves throughout your body.

Feel free to leave a comment of your experience. I'd love to hear how this exercise has impacted you.

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