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Monday, June 11, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 16

Be good to all and practice kindness

Practicing kindness is a habit that can be cultivated. Remember the golden rule, “Do to others as you’d like them to do to you.” Whatever seed you sow, whether good or bad, that you will also reap. Selective sowing of good seeds as far as how the universal laws go does not work. In other words, if you choose to do 'good' only to your friends and the people that like you 'good' will come back to you. But if you choose to be mean to the people who are mean to you then reaping a harvest of good is unlikely.

For example, you can sow cucumber seeds and harvest cucumber fruit but you cannot sow grass seeds in your garden and expect to harvest strawberries. It just doesn’t work that way. Being good to all and practicing kindness will ensure that you reap a harvest of continuous good in your life.

You might say, “Well, I’ve been good to some people and then they turned around and treated me so meanly, why should I have to treat them any different than how they treated me?” I would say to you, “Wish them good in thought and in action. Forgive and free yourself from the entanglement of negativity and let the Spirit of the Universe handle them. Keep your mind and heart free and nurture the seed of love inside of you.”

You see, people’s behaviours are not always in response to you directly. Those responses come from past hurtful experiences – things which occurred in their lives that affected them deeply at a time of their own vulnerability. They need to be shown genuine love and that’s not a one-time thing but a continuous flow of love before they can believe that they are worth it or that true love really exists.

You see if a person has been exposed to abuse from a young age that’s all they’re consciously aware of. The love they were initially born with became buried underneath all the hostility they endured from trusted sources – parents, relatives etc. Encountering true love for this individual takes time and is often met with suspicion.

You never know whose life you can change and transform by your goodness and your kindness. You may be the only light in that person’s dark world whether it’s for a brief moment or for a length of time.

Here’s a strategy to help you when dealing with a difficult person – see yourself as being the light in their life. See yourself as a gift to that person, as a God-sent at a time of their greatest need. Follow Spirit guidance to understand how you can best serve and bring healing to them. You do not necessarily have to lecture them but you can give a word of encouragement, believe in them until they believe in themselves, a smile goes a long way and often times silence – just being a listening ear – can break down walls and invite healing.

By being good to all and practicing kindness you not only heal the people that come into contact with you but you also keep the flow of life-energy moving freely through your life.

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