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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Self-Empowerment - The 30-Minutes That Made A Difference

Recently, we moved around some stuff on our work stations and after we set things back up we noticed that each time we made a phone call we heard a static sound on the phone that would cut out the internet connection.

We weren’t certain what caused the problem, but the only thing we knew was that it was a real pain each time we picked up the phone – we got no internet connection.

So finally on Sunday when we switched on the computer – nothing - we got no internet connection at all. We decided to unplug everything and let it sit for a day.

Yesterday, when we set things up again, the same thing happened – no internet connection. We decided to call our internet provider for help – puzzled as to what would be causing the problem. With just one check he knew what the problem was. He asked if our modem line was connected directly to the telephone line or if it was connected to a filter.

Right away, my husband knew exactly what the problem was and as he spoke with the technician they got it all sorted out. Things are up and running, and now once again, I can actually talk on the phone and work on the computer at the same time.

You see, that’s sometimes the problem we have in our lives. It’s not that we’re on the wrong track; all we just need is someone to help us make a few tweaks to help us see what we already know so we could get unstuck and manifest the results we desire.

Let me introduce you to Brian Marsh…

When I first spoke with Brian, he was overwhelmed with his current situation. One thing after another came at him and they were keeping him from fulfilling his dream. He knew he could do it but he couldn’t figure out why things weren’t happening for him.

Brian was having a bit of ‘static’ in his line. It’s not that he didn’t know what to do; he just got caught up in his personal situation so he couldn’t really see clearly how to resolve his situation.

After one session with Brian, he got clarity on what needed to be done. I recently checked in with him to see how he was doing and here’s what he had to say…

Hi Alicia,

So good to hear from you! It really is! I'm doing great!

I'm unemployed now! Got laid off of my job of 10 years! A very long, aggravating and depressing story...if I were to get into it...but I'm not. I'm moving forward and not looking back.

This came without warning and I had been planning on staying until the end of the year and giving notice for Jan. 1st, but Spirit had other things in mind for me. Opportunities have been placed before me with my voice acting and my contracting business and working at my old job was getting in the way of me truly pursuing my dreams.

I began using the affirmations and journaling right away after talking with you last and I started chipping away at the studio and had it mostly completed within a week. I kept doing at least one thing every day afterwards as well. Some days it was no more than just a piece of paper, though other days I continued to spend hours working in there.

I now have most everything unpacked, recycled, thrown away, and stored. Both desks are set up and I'm starting to work on the recording studio. I began construction on the shed last weekend and nearly every day, I get a new lead for a contract or voice gig.

I'm finally starting to feel 'free' again! I'm still just getting used to the idea of not having to drag myself into the 'hell' that my recent job had become. In the coming weeks I'll be able to start really putting together a little more structure to my daily routine.

For right now though, I'm just going with spontaneity of each day and taking it day by day.

Thanks for the check in.

Blessings, Brian

Brian did not let his current situation dictate how he would respond. He kept focused and applied the steps we discussed, finally clearing out his studio so he could create the space for his dream to flourish.

He lost the job that took up the time he needed to fulfill his dreams. As I shared with Brian, it’s not the most convenient but the most rewarding. When the Spirit says it’s time, go with the flow.

If you’re ready to get the help you need so you too can get unstuck, get clarity for your life so you can manifest your dreams, let’s talk.

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