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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Ways to Feel Better About Your Current Situation

Your current situation does not have to dictate the way you feel. Complaining and feeling depressed about it is a habit we've learnt and practiced over the years. It's time to create a new habit so you can begin to feel better about your current situation and become proactive in its resolution.

If your current situation has you feeling depressed, instead of absorbing more of that negative energy, why not try these 3 ways so you can begin to feel better.

Know that this is only temporary

Although your current situation may feel like it's taking forever to resolve, know that this is only temporary. Just as the sun always comes out after every storm, so too, your adversities will subside. Don't recreate any more turbulence by focusing on how terrible it is right now. For what you focus on will only magnify in your mind's eye and what you focus your attention on will draw you into that experience.

Stop and ask, "Are the thoughts I'm focused on taking me in the direction of a brighter day, toward resolution? Or are they leading me into a cycle of experiences I don't want?"

Look for the hidden gems

Opportunities sometimes come to us cloaked in the form of adversity. Look for the hidden gems in your situation. For example, if you got laid off of your job, what opportunities are waiting for you?

You may think that it may be another job right away but perhaps in the grand scope of things this may be a time for you to deepen your spiritual connection, something that you could not do with your previous job.

And as you take the time to reconnect with the Great Universal Spirit, doors begin to open for you which would not have happened had you not taken the time to clear out the mental and emotion debris in your life.

Become proactive to find a solution

Instead of whining about how bad things have become focus on the solution. You see, you may be thinking that you've been doing all the physical things to bring resolution to your current situation and you may be right. But if you're focused on how things are not working out for you, you're sabotaging your own progress and blocking your success from coming to you.

You must become mentally and emotionally proactive as well - focusing on the solution and expecting that all will work out on your behalf. Feel it and see it happening for you. And out of that inner confidence go forward and do what can do and as you go on your way pay attention to the doors that are opening for you.

If you'd like a simplified step-by-step process to change your life, then I invite you to check out the Life-Changing Map.


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