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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You Making This Common Life-Changing Mistake? Here's What To Do Instead

Life can be filled with so much excitement when you first set out on a new adventure to change your life or a particular area of your life. 

As you begin to imagine how great it would feel living your desire, you become filled with enthusiasm as you set out to do what needs to be done to manifest it. However, as time progresses, you hit a roadblock - whether it's not enough money, lack of skills or other resources needed to help you realize your desire. 

You find yourself beginning to get frustrated, overwhelmed, begin to doubt yourself and lose enthusiasm. 


Here's the common mistake:

Filling your eyes with what you don't have

You started looking at all the obstacles in your way and each obstacle sends out two messages. 
Message #1 - You don't have X, or, you can't do X, or you're not smart enough etc.

This message highlights all of your limitations and what's impossible for you to accomplish. 

Message #2 - This is only temporary. There's another way around this.

This message brings hope of the impossible becoming possible only through a shift in your thinking and processing of your situation. 

The common mistake here is that most people hear the first message, decide to agree with what they hear, accept this as their reality and never bother looking for another way so they never hear the second message. 

Their eyes become filled with what they don't have, what they can't do, what they're lacking in and as these things become the focal point they're unable to see the solution to their obstacle, their roadblock. 

What to do instead

Focus on the solution

Whatever roadblock you are facing right now, know that there's a solution, there's always a solution. Just shift your mind to accepting that there's an answer and that answer will come to you, whether in the form of an inspired idea, information, help from someone who's more knowledgeable in that area or the supply that you need. 

Focus on the solution and not on the problem and pay attention as the way opens up for you. Instead of becoming preoccupied with why you don't have what you desire, entangled in doubt and frustration, release these things from your mind and remain in a state of knowing and gratitude that you have what you desire, you have the answer to your temporary obstacle or roadblock. 

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