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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - You Know Better Than I

If you find that you've been praying and you're not getting any results, trust the process. There's a better plan at work here. Though you may not see all the intricate details, know that the Spirit has your best interest in mind and all is working out on your behalf. 

Although it may seem like all is working out against you, focus on it all coming together and working out for you. This may seem contradictory but if you think about it as if you're starting a garden, once you begin to uproot all of the weeds at first your garden may look chaotic. 

But a wise gardener knows that this is the planning and preparatory process before the new seeds go into the ground and before the beautiful garden can come up. So he's not concerned about what the beginning stages of the garden looks like because he knows what the end result will be. 

So it is with your life. Whatever you're going through right now, though chaotic as it may be, keep focused on the beauty of the final outcome.

Today's tunespiration comes from Joseph King of Dreams - You Know Better Than I.


  1. Loved that post, Alicia. Nice thoughts, great music, everything. Thanks.


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