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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Action Thursday - Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 4

As a child when you learned to walk, you looked forward to each day with renewed energy. When you opened your eyes no one could keep you from trying again. You did not dwell on the past. You didn't allow yesterday's spill to hinder today's progress. It seemed as if you had forgotten all about falling on your butt. 

Here's Mindset #4 - Awake each day with renewed enthusiasm 

It’s time to let go of yesterday's failure because they do not define or determine tomorrow's success. They can only hinder you if you dwell on them and take your eyes off the prize, off your target. 

Use these action steps to generate enthusiasm. 

Action step #1 - Using Mindset #4 as an affirmation repeat with conviction, “I awake each day with renewed enthusiasm to achieve my goal. I release my fear from my past failures and I’m open to today’s successes.” 

Action step #2 – Focus on what you can do today that will bring you closer to your goal. What can you do differently than the other times that will better your chances of success? 

Action step #3 – What lessons did I learn from my previous mistakes. Look for the hidden gems in your last attempt. They’ve left clues for you to improve but you’ll only see them as you look, not with the eyes of failure, but with the mindset of enthusiasm to glean the invaluable lessons waiting for you to grasp.


  1. Hey Alicia, You are right when you say as a child we get up the next day with enthusiasm for what the new day has to ofer.Like the bible verse " This is the Day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it".
    Thanks Tracey

  2. I am a perfectionist type of person and failure really gets to me. I find it hard to let go of the mistakes that I make and I really get upset about it. I'm glad I read this and I hope I can really work on this.

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  3. I hear what you're saying Albert. My mistakes used to really get me down and depressed but I've learned to shift my thinking and my perspective. Continue to work on this and liberate your mind so you can be free from mistakes-stress.


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