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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - A Prayer for You! Happy Mother's Day

This is your special day and you deserve to be celebrated. As a mom, I understand your joys and your concerns for your children and I pray for you today that the light of life will shine on you and surround you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. That your path will be brightened as you fulfill your awesome God-given role as mother. 

I pray that the Unconditional Love which comes from the Nurturing Universal Spirit envelopes you and heals you from within. Whatever hurt has darkened your way and hindered your progress is now healed and you are now renewed by the warmth and strength of the Presence of Unconditional Love.

May you walk in the Love of the Spirit that your life will be enriched with the Grace of the Great Universal Spirit. May the river of abundance in all that you desire flow freely in and through you, moving all debris that has hindered you from being the best that you can be. 

Mother, you are never alone for He who has created you walks with you and lives in you, and as you are consciously aware of this each day, I prayer that your life will soar to heights you've never thought of.

I pray with you for your children that the protection of love surrounds them and the life of peace l encompasses them each and every day. I expect with you great things for their future, today and every day. We release their lives into the Master's hands knowing that all is well and we have faith and believe that they too will find their path. 

You are loved, dear Mother. You are blessed. May the blessing of the Almighty Father rest in your house and may the light of the Spirit lightened every dark corner and bring wholeness. May you be filled with perfect health, overflowing with love and joy and may you be honoured each day of your life.

To you Mother, Happy Mother's Day. 

Enjoy the video! 


  1. A most happy and blessed day to YOU, dear Alicia....with all your little ones (and big ones), too. May the Lord shine His light down upon you and keep your heart filled with love. Susan

  2. Hey Alicia, Happy Mother's day. Thank you for all you do and may God continue to Bless and take care of you.

  3. Thank you Susan, same to you too.

  4. And to you too Tracey. You're very welcome.


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