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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 1

So why have you become so fearful of failure? Why have you stopped believing in yourself and in your ability to succeed at anything you set your mind to? You are not a failure. You are a powerhouse of success energy. Somewhere along your life's journey you developed the fear of failure because you most certainly were not born that way.

Your inner nature is strong, confident and fearless but you were reprogrammed by your social and societal environment to become fearful if you failed.

You see, when you first began to learn to walk were you afraid that you'd never be able to do it? Even when you fell, did you give up or even felt like giving up? As a matter of fact, because you saw your siblings walking around, you were determined to master the art of walking because you believed that if they can do it so can you.

So let's begin to uncover those qualities that made you surpass failure and setbacks so you can develop the mindset to overcoming fear of failure. Today we'll look at Mindset #1.

Mindset #1 - You were born a success

Incentive #1 - You have the seed of success inside of you. Out of the millions of sperms from your father and millions of eggs from your mother, you survived, grew to maturity and now you are here. 

We often take this for granted. But if you think about the competition among the millions of sperms striving to reach the egg, you can see how amazing it is that you're here. From the millions of eggs that your mother possesses, the egg that became you was the one that was released at that time when it did. It could have been someone else. That should give you enough incentive to keep trying knowing that the odds of you being here was one in a million. 

Incentive #2 - Despite all the things that could have gone wrong in the womb and in the birthing process, you are here. And in spite of all the things that you think may have gone wrong in your life, look at all the successes you have had - don't forget to count the small ones. Small successes lead to large ones

Accept your birthright as being successful. Agree with your successes and disagree with your failures. What do I mean by that? Choose to believe that you are successful and in those areas that you feel that you've failed in, look for the opportunities of success-gems hidden in them. Because you are born a success whatever occurs in your life has to have the seed of success waiting for the right conditions to germinate, mature and produce successful fruit. 

Look out tomorrow as we cover Mindset #2.


  1. That was a great post, Alicia. Thanks. Susan


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