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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 2

You have everything you need inside of you to be successful. As a child you were not told it's time to learn to roll over, crawl or walk. You knew this instinctively and you were never afraid to try. Failure was never an option or a part of your thinking. You can revisit your child-self from the past and pull up on these inner strengths. 

Here's the 2nd Mindset to overcoming fear of failure.

Mindset #2 - I am developing my success muscles 

When you were learning to walk, your muscles were not strong enough at first to support your weight. Neither did you completely understand the mechanics of balance.

As you practiced each day, your muscles became stronger and you became more aware of how to balance your weight. Your body and mind made the connection between the desire to walk and the physical muscular mechanics of balance. Each time you fell, you learned that that was not the way to stand and you made the mental and physical adjustments each time. 

So you see your 'failures' are part of the natural learning process of skill development. 

Key: Instead of looking at your failure as being bad, look at them as part of the strengthening and learning process. Make the adjustment, change your strategy, come from a different angle and try again.

When your mind is taken over by fear, it's difficult to see how 'falling'/failing could be of any good. But remember that life is a growth process. We don't perfect something the first time we do it. We become better and better as we practice and we gain more confidence each day. 

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