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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 3

When you're overtaken by fear of failure you may find yourself thinking that other people are better than you making it difficult for you to pursue your goal.

Let's look at Mindset #3 - I can succeed at anything just like anybody else

Each one of us went through the process of conception, development within the womb and then birth. We all started off on an equal plane. We may all have had different life experiences which influence our behaviours in many ways but none is better than the other. And just as other people have succeeded in what they set out to do, you too can succeed as well. 

Some may have seemed to have life easier than you. Or they may seem to have been presented with many opportunities that caused them to become successful. 

However, the energy of life flows through all of us and the universal powers are available for us all. You too can access this power to work on your behalf if you choose to release fear from your life. As long as you continue to believe that you can succeed and that you can and will achieve your goals, you will. 

Whatever you need to help you move forward towards a successful outcome will come to your aid. Be willing to face the fear. Don't cover it up. Don't pretend to ignore it. Acknowledge your fear but at the same time be determined to press forward through the shadow of fear toward your goal and you'll find that the fear that at first which seemed to grip you will lose its hold on you.

Tomorrow we'll look at Mindset #4.


  1. Love that as a mantra, Alicia..."I believe I can succeed and achieve my goals." Great! Susan

  2. Hey Alicia,Great Post. Sometime we may have to be our own cheering section.
    Thanks Tracey


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