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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 12

Words that Harm, Words that Heal.

KMS (Keep Mouth Shut). This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble.

Your words are powerful and can either create or destroy your life or the life of someone else. Keep a watch over your mouth and as we would say to our children, “If you don’t have anything good to say keep your mouth shut.”

If you’re a talkative person then you need to pay close attention to what’s coming out of your mouth. Are you being positive with your words or is your mouth a cannon ball of negative energy hurting the ones you should be blessing? You can choose to let your words bring life to others instead of harming them.

How do you know if your words are healing words?

Are they uplifting or demeaning? Are you using fighting words? Do they make another person feel great about themselves or do they make them feel like they’re at the bottom of the food chain?

Yes, there are times that you need to deal with issues that are unpleasant but surely it can be still done with words that heal instead of harm.

What about your own life?

Are you speaking words of healing into your own life or are you destroying your health and blocking your own success because of the words you choose to speak over your life? You know what you say to yourself come from what you’re feeling inside. So go ahead and change the thoughts you feel about yourself to those of more positive, uplifting and hopeful words followed by your positive inspired actions, then your words will match up with what you’re feeling inside you.

Avoid gossip like a plague

Have you ever said something to someone and then tell them that it’s a secret and they shouldn’t tell anyone only to find out that the person spilled the beans and you’re sitting in the hot seat? Gossip starts like a small spark and spreads like a wild fire. Avoid it. Don’t get involved. And if someone brings a story to you, just listen if necessary and keep your opinions to yourself. If you feel the need to say something may sure you have something positive and life-giving to contribute and defuse the negative effects of gossip.

Keep your major plans to yourself

If you’re embarking on a life-changing venture – whether it’s a new business, changing your career, buying a new house – it is advisable to keep your mouth shut until you’ve completed it. And only the people who have direct contact or information towards your next step should you be talking with. E.g. the people who you’re talking to, like a lawyer, banker or real estate agent will share your enthusiasm. Not everyone may share your enthusiasm and negative energy can discourage you from taking the next step or impede your actions towards living your dream. Be very choosy with whom you share your dreams.

And by the way, if you

- feel like you're doing the balancing act; meeting the needs of your partner, your children, your friends, your job

- feel like you’re losing yourself; feeling lost, drained, frustrated, stressed, unappreciated, unloved, sometimes isolated and having no personal direction or don’t know your life purpose and not enough time for yourself

- feel like you’ve given so much, that you’ve been giving away all of your power leaving you feeling empty inside

I want you to know that you are more than what you've become.

With so much of life’s demands if you’re not careful you can end up feeling resentful of the very things and people that you love.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and you’re not alone. You can start right where you are to take back your power, become empowered from within and take control of your life so you can give out of the overflow of your life-energy and not from your reserve.

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