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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Summer Novel that rivals the greats! Saving the Karamazovs!

If you're ready to kick back and have a leisurely summer, I must share with you a fabulous new debut novel by Gary Goldstick - it's Saving the Karamazovs, and I can't say enough good things about it! Gary's has been getting rave reviews, and I think you'll love this book. From the war scenes to the love scenes, this book snaps, crackles and pops!

Here's what one reader said, "Wonderful dialogue, excellent character development and a plot that keeps you turning pages into the night make this story come to life. I usually read more for style than for plot but this book has it all! I highly recommend this to all who love a great read with complex characters, involved plots and some good sexy subterfuge thrown in."

Set in the unstable business world of the 1990 Gulf War, Saving the Karamazovs tells the story of three brothers whose good intentions and dysfunctions pull their family into an ugly war of its own. Twenty years after a heroic but bloody tour in Vietnam, Jeff Bascomb fails to protect the people who depend on him. 

A financial scandal puts his company in jeopardy, he and his wife stand to lose millions, his parents may lose their retirement, and his employees will lose their livelihoods. His dependable older brother, Kevin, is now mired in poor health and depression, and his only advice is to call their youngest brother Jerry away from a lucrative Wall Street job, back to L.A. to become the company's interim CEO. 

Jeff and Jerry have warred their entire lives for Kevin's affection, but agree to a truce for the family's sake. Jerry is a diplomatic negotiator, keen money expert, and a brilliant manager, the perfect man for the job, until he falls in love with Jeff's mistress, Helen. The secrets Helen reveals about their family places the company on the front lines of a battle that could hurt each and every one of them beyond repair.

And, when you buy the book, you'll get more than 30 free downloadable gifts! What a great summer deal!

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