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Friday, May 18, 2012

4 Hindrances to Answered Prayer (And What To Do Instead)

Feel like you’ve been praying but your prayers seem to be falling on deaf ear? I believe that every prayer is answered but often times we get in our own way of experiencing the answer. When that happens we become angry because what we believed for did not manifest in our reality.

Today we’ll look at 4 hindrances to answered prayers and what you can do instead.

Hindrance #1- Delayed response

You get an inspired idea but you neglected to act on it right away. When you felt prompted to do something instead of following through you delayed and whatever meeting was supposed to happen at that time never occurred. I often remind myself and my children, “Delayed obedience results in delayed blessings.”

You see, in the universe there’s timing for everything. Nothing stays the same and is always changing. You have to move when the Spirit prompts you to.

Do This Instead

Act on your inspired ideas right away. Don’t wait. Listen also for the urgency of the Spirit within you.

Hindrance #2- Inactivity

You never acted on your inspiration at all and therefore you never were able to get the results you wanted. Remember, we are co-creators with Spirit which means there are two sides to manifesting the desires you want – the tangible and the intangible. The intangible is the inspired idea or the intuition whereas the tangible is the physical activity of the intangible which brings your desires into physical form. Both need to work in harmony in order for your answered prayers.

Do This Instead

What is the next step that you know you can take right now? Do it. Don’t wait to see the whole plan. As you move along with the first idea, another will come to you as you keep moving forward.

Hindrance #3 - Fear

Again, you received an answer but your own fears keep you from going forward – whether they are fears of the past; you tried and failed and are afraid to try again or you’re afraid of what others would think of you.

Do This Instead

Check your fears and look for the flip side of them for your courage. How would you feel if you did go after your dream or you did act on your inspired idea? Would this really enrich your life? Release your fears and move forward.

Hindrance #4 - Doubt

So you got an idea, then you begin to doubt yourself or you begin to doubt your capabilities of going through with your dream.

Do This Instead

Stop and revisit the initial idea and ask the Spirit to give you the courage and the confidence you need to go forward with your plans. Encourage yourself. You can say, “I can do this. I believe in myself. I have the capabilities and the wisdom I need to see this through.” As you do this, even if you took consistent baby steps, you’d see your confidence beginning to soar and you’ll find that you’ll want to pick up more momentum to experiencing your answered prayer.

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