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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Action Thursday - The Dream Carrier's Affirmation of Thankfulness

Here are 5 thankfulness affirmations you can use to keep your faith strong on the journey to manifesting your desire.

Affirmation #1 - Thank you for my health. I am whole.

Affirmation #2 - Thank you for strength. My power comes from within and I am strong.

Affirmation #3 - Thank you for wisdom. I draw from the Universal Supply of Wisdom to know what to do in every situation I encounter. My mind is now saturated with the Wisdom of the Spirit.

Affirmation #4 - Thank you that circumstances, conditions and people are coming into my life to manifest this dream. I am cared for and all is well.

Affirmation #5 - Thank you that the river of abundance flows freely into and through my life. I am connected to the Source of All Substance and All Supply and what I desire, in harmony with the Spirit, is here now.

What affirmations do you use?


  1. Those were good affirmations, Alicia. I like to say, "I am a child of the Most High God," "I am Heir to a King!" and I often talk to my inner child, telling her everything is okay and that she's a good kid. The first two affirmations I first heard from Joel Osteen, evangelical preacher. I think ANY affirmation is good, though, as it plants positive seeds. Have a wonderful day, Alicia. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. That's great. Keep speaking those words of affirmation into your life and believe them as you say them, own them as yours. They'll bear fruit in the right season.


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