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Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivation: Don't Give Up! You May Be The Carrier of Another Person's Dream

Feeling like throwing in the towel, hanging up on your vision? I encourage you to hold on a little while longer. You may be the carrier of another person's dream.

Almost 2 years ago when we were pregnant with our 7th child we were hoping that we'd have another son so Joshua would have a brother. But somehow the intensity of the desire for a son this time was not there for me like it was when I decided we were going to have a son then.

Even though we all agreed that we wanted the baby to be a boy, except for our youngest daughter Alexandria at the time, I felt an inner knowing that I should 'take my hands off' this time. I felt that I should just let go and allow things to unfold. I expressed how I felt inside but left it at that to see how things turned out.

You see when we all got together and agreed for a boy, Alexandria was the only one that strongly disagreed and even went into tears because she really wanted to have a baby sister. We tried to console her but the strength of her desire embedded deep in her heart.

A few months later the ultrasound showed a cute little chubby cheek baby and yes it was a little girl. Alexandria got her heart's desire and as we drove away from the hospital we broke the exciting news to her and came up with the name Roxella. Alexandria named her Julee as well.

Even though I carried the baby, Alexandria had the dream for a baby sister and we all shared in the joy of having this beautiful little girl come into our lives. Her home birth truly was a remarkable and memorable experience, not only for us but for one of our neighbours that we invited to come over to help us until our midwife got to the house. That's how fast the birth happened and Dad caught Roxella as she zoomed into our lives. A moment he'll forever cherish.

You know, you may also be the carrier of another person's dream. Don't give up because you'll share in the joy of it. That person may not be in a position to hold that dream and bring it to fruit but what they have may be a strong definite burning desire, like Alexandria, to see that dream given life.

You may have the knowhow, the experience, the maturity, the foresight, the skill that the other person lacks and you can add and enhance their life. You may even be the one to care for this dream even after the dream manifests like I care for Roxella. Alexandria gets to have fun and play with her baby sister as do her other sisters and brother - many helping hands.

What say you? Still feel like giving up or will you give it another go and stay in even through the rough waters and discomfort until the season of harvest comes? Trust me; you'll never regret you did!


  1. I'm happy for all of you, Alicia. As for my own life goal (weight loss), I will NEVER give up. Ever ever ever. Hope you have a wonderful night. Susan

  2. You too Susan. Keep on keepin' on. You can do this and you will.


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