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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anger Control - How to Overcome Anger and Redirect your Energy into a Calmer You!

When anger controls your life it becomes like a loose cannon that saps and disempowers your life of vital energy. If you're prone to flying off the handle at a drop of a bucket, then listen up. You'll discover how to use and redirect this energy towards a positive purpose and create a calmer you as you put the following practice steps into action in your life.

Practice Step #1 - Halt the explosion!

Someone said or did something that really rubbed you the wrong way. You thought about it and thought about it some more and then some more. Your focus is on the wrong they did. And the more you focus on it and thought about it, the angrier you got and the more you began to fume inside. You feel you can no longer contain it and you explode. Sounds familiar?

Instead, halt the explosion. Stop the anger right in its tracks. How do you do that? Stop focusing on the wrong the person did and how bad it is. Now, I know the ego wants to get in there and really let them have it, give them a piece of your mind. How the heck could they do such a thing, huh? Yes, but if you continue to go down that path you're handing over your vital energy and your power to someone else.

Practice Step #2 - Take it down a notch or two

Take the time to calm down, take a deep breath, release the negative energy and clear your head so you can deal with the situation in a more intelligent and strategic way. A mind that's overcome with anger hinders the flow of creative energy preventing you from coming up with a perfect solution to resolve the situation.

Practice Step #3 - Redirect your energy

When you are calm, you can better redirect your energy into a peaceful atmosphere allowing you to be empowered from within. Redirect your energy shifting your mind from focusing on how to get back at the other person into how I can create a peaceful solution.

This strategy may not necessarily work for the other person, although they can benefit from it if they chose to. You do this so you continue to attract to yourself more goodness and power of the Spirit. Don't allow the debris of negativity to dam up the free flow of the Spirit within your life.

Notice that I refer to this as 'practice'? That's because these strategies must be put into practice in your life in order to reap the benefits of them. They will not automatically attach themselves to you. But with persistence, you'll find yourself taking on the mindset that will help you to overcome anger and enjoy a calmer you. It is totally worth it!


  1. Oh Alicia, very good post. Such good information. It's true that if we can take a deep breath during moments of intense anger, and just calm down, we can act but not react. Anger is so human but can also be contained. I no longer like to give away my power. Thank the Lord for that. Susan

  2. Thank you Susan. So true we can totally control it once we know how we can stop ourselves and get back on track.


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