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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you know how to nurture yourself?

There may be people in your life who you might have disregarded because they don't act according to the 'norm' - they may have been labelled the misfits and outcasts. But love heals and if you took the time, gave them a chance, and nurtured them, they can see through your eyes that they have worth until they have come to a place in themselves through which they can see their own worth.

What about you? This may not even apply to someone else. Perhaps you see the worth of others but are unable to see the worth in yourself. Change your mind about who you are because you are worthy. The mere fact that you are here, right at this moment, shows that you are worth more than you think. You are a vital part of this great family - the human race [click here to read on]

How are you nurturing your life?


  1. Good morning, Alicia! It has been a life-long process, but yes, today I have learned to nurture myself. I can surround myself with people and "things" that make me happy, take time to rest if I need to, and separate myself from the joy-suckers----people who thrive on negativity and pessimistic thinking. Wow! Took a long time to do all that but it feels good. Take care and have a great day. Nice post! Susan

  2. That's great to hear Susan. Just like nature, life growth is a process - one day at a time.


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