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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 Strategies on How to Shift your Perspective to Overcome Inferiority Complex

The perspective you've adopted for yourself, whether it came from your own opinion or the opinion of others plays a major role. You're the decision maker in your own life and how you decide to view yourself will determine if you'll live in mental freedom or be bound by the thoughts of others.

The next 4 strategies show you how to shift your perspective so you can overcome inferiority complex.

Strategy #1 - Focus on your strengths

Practice seeing who you are through your strengths. Whenever you feel your confidence and self-esteem shaken, refocus your consciousness onto your strong points. This powerful strategy will keep your thoughts and emotions from sinking down into the despair of negative energy.

Strategy #2 - Encourage yourself

Feelings of inferiority complex follow negative self-talk. Shift your self-talk from, "If only I was smarter then I could do...," to "I may not know this particular information right now but I have the ability to learn just like anybody else." Not because someone is more familiar and trained in a particular field mean that they're better than you. The same way they've used their time and energy to become educated and experienced in their field, you could do the same as well if that's what you really want.

Strategy #3 - Plant new thought seeds

You've been sowing thoughts and feelings into the soil of your subconscious mind and as a result, you automatically produce the fruit of inferiority complex. What can you now do? Change the thought seeds you've been sowing with new ideas about you, those of your strengths, and of who you desire to become. Nurture these new seeds with your feelings and soon enough they'll begin to grow, expand and produce positive fruit in your life.

Strategy #4 - Apply the formula for success

R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time

Practice, practice, practice. Having the knowledge would do you no good if you do not apply what you've learned here. As you actively participate in your life and repeat these steps over and over again, you'll begin to create an imprint over time where you become more confident and increase your self-esteem. That's the formula for success in any area of your life. What will you do now?


  1. Also, participating in activities that distracts one from oneself (such as sports, working out, etc)and give room for mistakes and also most importantly, taking the positive aspect of evry mistake. Thanks Alicia...vic

  2. You're welcome Vic.

    Participation in sports and any physical activity are great ways to build up those weak areas by directing our physical and mental energies into something that's positive and healthy for our lives.

    However using it as a distraction to not face oneself could backfire because the right conditions will stir up those feelings of inferiority if they're not dealt with, like mentally preparing yourself to see your strengths.

    Totally agree with looking for the positive in every mistake. They are there but many times we miss them because we're too busy beating up on ourselves because of the error made, not realizing there are some good and valuable lessons to glean from each experience.

    Thanks for sharing Vic. Have a blessed day.


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