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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Parenting Children - 4 Ways to Help Your Child Discover, Explore and Develop Talents

Each of us was born with natural talents and abilities. As parents, when we help our children discover, explore and develop these talents it will save them years of trying to figure out what they love to do before they pursue in that direction.

1) Discover the talent

Some children find the things they enjoy at a very young age while others take a while and may seem to go from one thing to another. But as you observe your child, you'll see certain traits that are consistent. When your child shows interest in an area, provide encouragement to continue to engage more in the activity. You can also join in the fun as well making it more interesting.

2) Explore the talent

Provide the material needed for your child to explore more in this area. E.g. when our daughter Tamaralee was about a year and a half she took up art, something that she has faithfully pursued and desires to have her own art museum. We provide her with the materials necessary to continue with her passion and because Dad is also an artist as well he provides her with direction she needs to continue to explore and expand her talent.

3) Develop the talent

Once your child has shown passion about a subject, provide avenues through which he can develop that talent further, whether the child attends a class, finds 'how to' instructions on the internet, the library or from another source.

4) Don't push

As parents we want the best for our children to the point that we may tend to push them forward. No one wants to do something that someone else is pushing them to do and certainly our children should pursue their gifting willingly and joyfully. If it is a true passion, they will naturally pursue it without being told. As a matter of fact, you may have to ask them to set aside time to engage in other activities as well.

E.g. like our 11 year old daughter Gracelee who loves to read and tunes out the entire world when she does. Dad sometimes asks her to put the book down for a minute so she can hear what he has to say lol. We love her passion for reading but we'd also like a couple minutes of her time, you know :)

We are here on earth in this era with our unique talents not only to serve ourselves but planet earth. Our children also have their unique roles to play and their talents are embedded within them to help them efficiently fulfill this role. Let us help our children so they can live an enriched and fulfilled life.


  1. We never know what impression even the smallest things are making on our children. Honestly, Alicia, when my own grown up kids remember certain aspects of their childhood, it blows me away. Some of the things I don't even places I took them and experiences we had. It's amazing how our children are like little sponges, soaking everything up! Susan

  2. True Susan. They pay close attention when we think they're not. I've had experiences from childhood that impacted me so much that I know some of them my parents don't even remember them. It's those things that make pleasant memories that we want to recreate for our own children.

  3. As grown up, I still rem some of my childhood expiriences of which i know my parents must ve forgotten. This means that parents are being watched by thier kids and a little action might influence a kid's future perception about life. Thanks Alicia. From vick

  4. I think it's important as parents to acknowledge to our children that we make mistakes too and that we are also learning as well. Not because we are parents mean we know every single thing and they can offer their own view point as well. We've learned so much from our children and even learn about ourselves through their eyes.

    Thanks for your comment Vick.


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