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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Action Steps to Let Down Your Defence Walls to Let in Unconditional Love

If you want to experience the healing power of Unconditional Love in your life, letting down your defence walls will help you. No matter what others have done to you, if you allow these hurts to keep you bound you would have committed the worst offense to yourself.

Stop reliving the past each day. It’s time move on. Your defence walls will only keep you isolated and imprisoned from what you truly need to empower your life and break free from the past. 

As you take the following action steps, you'll find that your defence walls will begin to come down one brick at a time.

Action Step #1 - Release your fears

Like light and darkness, perfect love and fear cannot exist in the same space. When you turn on the light darkness disappears. Where there's perfect love, fear dissipates. If you want to invite the Presence of Unconditional Love, you must release your fears. You can release all your uncertainties here and trust in love which gives life to you each and every day. Love is the very breath you breathe. 

Action Step #2 - Forgive

Consciously release the people who have hurt you, including yourself. Many times we think that it is the other person that we need to forgive, which is important, but we often overlook the person in the mirror. We don't allow ourselves to experience love because we think we're not deserving of it. 

So think of the person that has hurt you and send love their way and in the process release yourself from all of your own trespasses. What you're doing is clearing the debris that hinders the Presence of Unconditional Love from flowing into your life.

Action Step #3 - Give yourself time 

This may be a very painful and fearful process for you. Give yourself time. Love is never in a hurry to get it done and over with. Take it one day at a time but be consistent. No great craftsman ever rushes through the artistic details of his craft. He takes his time to ensure that the intricate details of the design come out with perfection. 

Unconditional Love works with you on the level where you're at and helps you along the way, weaving love's intricate tapestry into your heart and life. Be patient with yourself. Each day you'll find yourself like a flower opening up more and more to the warmth of Unconditional Love

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