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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Develop the Power of Concentration to Become Empowered from Within - Part 3

Yesterday we covered 3 steps to develop the power of concentration. To recap:

1) Focus
2) Pay attention to details
3) Work through the process

When you use the resources inside of yourself to empower your life you'll find that life unfolds its mysteries to you one step at a time. 

Now today, we'll look at 4 more steps. 

1) Use the Law of Thinking

The Law of Thinking states that what you think about begins to expand and attract more of the same thoughts. So as you are going through the thinking process of resolution, instead of the act of worrying over your situation, more of those thoughts are drawn out of the ether into the thought mix you’re engaged in to help you manifest your desire.

2) Use your observational skills

Use your observation skills to examine the results you’ve been having in relation to the direction you desire to go. Then, evaluate if the actions you’ve been taking have been leading you down the path to the results you desire. If they are, continue on that path and see if intensifying your actions will get you closer to your goal more rapidly. If not, look at what you’ve been doing with the intention to change your thoughts and actions to get you more effective results.

3) Strengthen the determination mindset

The power of concentration is fuelled by your determination. A determined mindset will push you forward when the going gets tough or when it seems like nothing you’ve tried seems to be working. A determined mindset will keep you on track in spite of walls and setbacks and in the face of ‘seeming’ impossibility. For you will continue to look for ways to ensure your success. 

4) Develop Persistence

Persistence is the key to opening the door. Persistence rewards us with the gift of our desired results. As you stay the course, you’re building up inner strength and stability. You’re allowing the giant within to surface. Persistence builds endurance and endurance leads to longevity of Spirit. 

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