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Monday, March 14, 2011

Inferiority Complex – Overcome a Negative Self-Image Due to Inferiority Complex - Part 1

Have you allowed life’s curve balls to paint a negative self-image in your mind? What about other people’s opinions of you – whether they think you’re physically unattractive, unappealing because of lack of education, low-paying job or financial status – do you allow these issues to determine the quality of your self-worth and imprison you with an inferiority complex? 

Use the next 2 tips to help you overcome your negative self-image and inferiority complex. 

1) Recognize the origin of the negative self-image 

Where did it come from? Perhaps you lost your job and find it difficult to find another and based on societal beliefs, you begin to see yourself as a failure. Maybe you were rejected by your partner, whether through a break up or divorce, you identify your self-image as being ‘not good enough’ and therefore now carry around this negative image of who you are. 

Whether it is your physical appearance, educational level, social or financial status, your negative self-image most likely came from the opinions and beliefs of others - parents, peers and/or society’s general belief - which you’ve adopted and accepted as your own. When you recognize the origin of the negative self-image then you can differentiate between what is real or not and what is true or not. 

2) Understand your true nature 

This is the foundation on which you will recreate and build your positive self-image. You were created out of love which gives life. So your essence is of true love and light. You are first a spiritual being created in perfection. As you become consciously aware of your origin, you can shift your perspective from the external to the internal. 

Your job, your physical appearance, financial or social status does not define who you are. They are all external conditions which are subject to change as you begin to shift your perspective and your thinking of how you see and define yourself. These are your life experiences, expression of your own thinking, influenced by others around you. Change your thinking and your experiences change.

Look out tomorrow for 2 more tips to overcome a negative self-image. Remember to apply to your life what you learned today.

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