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Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Develop the Power of Concentration to Become Empowered from Within - Part 1

Often times we fail to fully attract what we desire because of lack of concentrated focus. When you use the power of concentration, you become empowered from within to manifest your desires.

Let’s use this popular scientific experiment as an example. When you take a magnifying glass and a piece of paper allowing the energy of the sun to directly focus its rays through the lens onto the paper, what happens? Due to the concentrated focus of the heat from the sun, the paper begins to burn. The more you continue to focus the sun’s energy, the more the paper burns.

If you were to keep shifting the magnifying glass each time the sun’s energy begins to intensify, what happens? There will not be enough energy/heat from the sun to burn the paper.

Now, let’s relate this to manifesting your desires. If each time you’re just at the brink of getting results and you keep changing the focused energy, you will not get the desired results. For example, if you keep jumping from one task to another, whether it’s in your business, a course or completing a home project, without focused attention to completing the job your productive results will be minimal.

To become empowered from within means that you focus your mind and body to the task at hand so you can pull up on the hidden resources within you. If you keep changing your mind you'll not reach your initial destination. Before long you'll become exhausted and uninterested in pressing forward to toward your goals. 

Think of the goals that you've had in the past, why have you not accomplished them? Did you lose focus? Did you have too many setbacks? What can you do to turn things around for you once again? 

Grab a pen a paper and answer these questions and tomorrow we'll look into 3 steps you can take to develop the power of concentration to become empowered from within and manifest your desires. 


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