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Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - 3 Mental Action Steps to Help You Manifest Your Health Goals

Getting your body to the ideal health goal can be challenging. However using the following 3 mental action steps can give you a head start to helping you manifest your desires.

Action Step #1 - Use your imagination 

Your imagination is a powerful tool to help you create the healthy lifestyle and ideal weight you desire. When you can visualize your ideal health and weight you have a target, a direction in which you set your sails to go to. This creative process each has a vibration which attracts other energies with the same vibration. 

So what you begin to imagine about your health begins to bring thoughts, ideas and situations that will help you physically manifest what you project in your imagination. The key is to keep this image in the forefront of your mind daily. This is the fuelling process that keeps the flame of your desire burning. 

Action Step #2 - Use your feeling consciousness

Check with how you feel about your particular situation. Are you following what your head says is the logical thing to do? Sometimes we get into a dual mode - our minds say to workout or eat certain meals but the body simply does not feel like. 

When I encounter this, I simply ask within for the willingness to do what I know I should be doing. Or here's another key, look for new creative ways to enjoy working out or eating right. I find that when I enjoy my workout that I look forward to doing more of it, to the point that when I skip a work my body actually misses it.

Action Step #3 - Focus 

Bring your imagination and feelings into focused attention to achieve your health and weight goal. When you bring these two elements together in sync they create an energetic wave into focused attention that will propel you forward into action. 

As you are working out or being more health conscious, when you see your ideal goal and get your feelings into your workout, you become more focused, more determined to keep pressing forward and more energized to take it up another notch.  Start small and build from there. 

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