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Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Evaluate your progress to reach your health goals

On the journey to reaching your goal, pausing to evaluate where you are is imperative before continuing your activities. We are now in March, how much progress have you made in achieving your weight and health goals? 

Take a look at the activities you've been engaged in; whether daily, weekly or monthly. Examine the progress you've made, if any. 

Here are some questions you can ask to evaluate where you are so you can make the necessary adjustments.  

1) Is this where you expected to be? 

Providing that you've set small goals for yourself at the start of the journey, you need to match where you are now to where you expected to be. Where were you when you started off and where are you now? 
- Are you on target? 
- Are you behind schedule, or are you ahead of schedule? 
- Are you completely off target? 

You may also want to answer why you are not on target, identify those things that kept you from reaching your goal and look for ways to eliminate them or at least minimize their effects. 

2) Based on your activities, are you getting closer to your goals? 

Are you seeing changes even though they may be small? Evaluate what changes or adjustments you need to make to get you closer to your goals. If you are not seeing any changes in your weight and health, again, look at the mental and physical activities you’ve been engaged in since the beginning of the year. Have you allowed procrastination to step in? Have you been consistent in doing the activities that are necessary to get you closer to your goal? 

3) What can you do to enhance your activities that will position you in a better place to achieve your desired results? This is where you start doing some trimming away, as well. 

- Is this activity productive? 

Take a look at your activities and make the evaluation in terms of productivity. Are they helping you reach your target or are they contributing to getting you off track? 

- Is this activity or mindset taking away time from things that I could be doing that are more productive? 

- If you must perform the activity, are there other ways that it can be done that is more time-efficient? 

I’m sure there are other questions you can add but these will get you consciously aware of what you’re doing and get you out of wishing to be healthy and at your ideal weight instead of actually moving closer to your goal.


  1. Hello Alicia: I read today's post right after returning from a 45 minute swim at an indoor pool, so I felt great about that. Still don't feel any skinner. Portions and food choices must still be adjusted but I will never give up. How are YOU? New baby here? Susan

  2. Keep pressing forward Susan. And keep making the necessary adjustments, mix it up a bit to get better results.

    I'm doing really well. Getting heavier each day. We're almost there, we're just waiting for baby to decide when it's time to come out. lol. Take care.


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