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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 Mental Tools to Help You Get Specific to Manifest Your Desires

Vague desires result in vague results. So you need to get very specific with what it is you want to manifest in your life. Not sure how to get specific on what you desire? These 3 mental tools and action steps will get you started. 

1) Your imagination

If your imaginative capabilities have become dull over the years, now is the time to get them active once again. Your imagination is the workshop of the mind and here is where you begin to create or recreate your life. 

Ever noticed how a child becomes so actively engaged when playing with his/her toys. They bring to life all the characters needed to enhance their fun experience. Children learn at an early age to explore their imagination but as they grow, the adults around them often suppress this vital part of their lives which plays a major role even into adulthood. 

2) Feeling consciousness

Have you lost touch with your true feelings? Have you been doing things because it's the logical thing to do regardless of what you truly feel inside of you? Your inner feelings or intuitiveness have been given to you as a guidance system. They help to steer you on the path that's right for you. Take the time to become conscious of your feelings and reconnect with them. 

3) Focus

When a child is playing, have you ever noticed how focused he/she can become? Their imagination and feelings are fully engaged in what they're doing, so focused. This may be the only time that you ever see your child really focused and absorbed with anything. This is the time I usually take advantage of to get other things done. 

As adults we often allow many things to distract us from focusing on our goal. Give your attention and focus on the specifics of what you desire to manifest.

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