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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Are You Brave Enough to Live Your Dreams?

You can choose to make your dreams a reality or you can choose to continue to only dream and never wake up to partake of the what could be possible in your life. But are you willing to take the risk though? That's the question that you'd need to ask yourself. 

Today's tunespiration comes from Jana Stanfield - If I Were Brave. As you watch the video and look at what others have accomplished by taking the first step toward their desire, think about your own dreams and allow the Law of Thinking to be activated as you look for ways to make your dream a reality. 

Here are some of my dreams I've accomplished. 

Age 20 - Migrated to Canada from my home country Trinidad and Tobago
Age 20 - Got my first office job in the insurance industry (at age 8 decided that when I grew up I'd work in an office and when I had my children I'd have my own business working from home)
Age 38 - Left my secure job to be home with my son and work from home (our son is child #6 after having 5 girls at the time)
Age 39 - Lee and I with our 6 children crossed 5000 km and 4 provinces to live in British Columbia. We did not know anyone in British Columbia. We took a step of faith, found a place and lived here 3 years now. 

What dream would you like to fulfill?


  1. Oh Alicia, this post was very inspiring. You have accomplished a LOT of your dreams! How wonderful. Well, my biggest dream, STILL, I have already shared with you. That's still my biggest dream....normal weight. Still working on it. Take care. How is baby? Susan

  2. Keep pressing forward Susan. You will accomplish your dream. Keep listening for new inspired ideas to get you closer to your goal.

    Yes, baby is doing really well. We had her on Wednesday 23.


  3. Hey Alicia, Happy Birthday to the Baby!!! much love to you and your whole family.Soooo happy!! liked the post so much, Thank you!

  4. Thanks Tracey and you're very welcome.


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