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Monday, July 26, 2010

Open my eyes - Do you have eyes but cannot see?

Recently, my family and I went for a drive on the roughed back country road, something we love doing frequently. As we drove along, my 8 year old daughter spotted a bald eagle perched high up in a tree. I'm the one that usually spot these beautiful majestic birds but this one was hers. The funny thing though, as I stopped the vehicle to look at the eagle, I couldn't see it at all. Dad and the other children tried their best to show it me but I still couldn't see it.

A thought came to me, "Ask for your eyes to be opened so you could see." Obediently I asked, "Please show me where it is." And immediately, my eyes cleared and I focused in on the eagle. It was like someone removed blinders from my eyes.

As we drove off, I contemplated, "What else am I not seeing that's right there in plain sight?" And I began to ask for my eyes to be opened to other things in my life?

What about you? What things are you struggling with that the answer may be right there in plain sight but you're blinded by confusion, depression, habits of the past, disappointments and any other negativity that's blocking the way of your progress?

Take a few minutes now to be quiet and ask for your eyes to be opened that you may see your way to the solution that you may see your way out. And as you believe and accept that the answer is yours, your eyes will be opened and you'll find your way to victory.


  1. Oh, that's a great suggestion, Alicia. I shall begin asking that my eyes be opened. Thanks. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. A simple yet profound step to gaining clarity in any situation.


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