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Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Discover your True Nature and Use the Law of Thinking to Overcome Limitations

Do you know who you really are? Okay, I hear you say an emphatic, "Yes!" But do you really really know who you are? Many of us identify with being our physical bodies - I'm tall, I'm short, I'm beautiful, I'm fat, I'm black, I'm white, I'm Indian, I'm American, I'm Canadian, I'm a doctor, I'm a writer - and the list goes on and on. But these externals do not identify our true nature. We identify with these externals because of misplaced identity and hence the reason for many of our inferiority complexes, fears and insecurities.

Let's do a short exercise

1. For just a moment try to forget about your body - ignore your body.
2. Close your eyes and observe with your inner eyes what's going on inside of you.
3. Pay attention to your mind, your thoughts.
4. Now, quiet your mind from thinking, and focus your attention to your feeling place, your emotions, your inner feelings.
5. Allow yourself to connect with the inner peace, inner joy, inner love - at first you may just get glimpses of it if you've never done this before but keep focused and it will begin to become clearer and you'll be able to connect on a deeper level.

This place of peace, this place of Being, your inner spirit, this Inner Sanctuary is where you dwell and who you are and your connection to the Universal Mind, the Source, God, the Supreme Being. In this place you are unlimited. The ever flowing Infinite Supply flows to and through you. You are the sun, drawing your life energy from the Universal Source and shining brightly from within, emanating through your mind and body into your outer world. Do you see yourself?

Now you ask the question then, what is your mind? What is your body? They are but instruments through which the giant of your unlimited potential shines through. Your mind is the tool to express the ideas of your infinite being. It's the tool to develop and nurture your life purpose through the activity of thinking. Your body is the tool for your inner being to physically experience in expression this purpose.

The problem

The majority of humanity on a daily basis experience cloudy/overcast days, with maybe glimpses of sun trying to penetrate and brighten up our lives. But even on those days, the storms created by the mind because of wrong thinking block out the sun and leave a life in darkness - fear and despair. This fear expresses itself in many forms - insecurity, inferiority complex, limited self-belief etc.

Because of these overcast days you may not be able to identify with your true nature, the sun, because your perspective has become disillusioned by your physical vision. You begin to identify with your body, then you look in the mirror and don't like what you see. You keep thinking about how bad you look, how uneducated you are, how unloved you are. And the more you focus on the negative, the more the Law of Thinking is activated and you experience the opposite of what you truly desired and here begins the vicious cycle.

The solution

Reverse the order of your perception.

Don't Do: Don't look at your outer results - your body, your relationship, your life - and despise who you are. If the drill you're using to put screws in the wall does not work right, does that define who are? No, it just means that you may not be using the drill correctly in the first place and therefore you're not getting the results you want. By becoming angry and banging the drill on the floor or cursing the drill will not get it working.

Do Instead: But if you stopped and got some wisdom, perhaps by reading the manual or ask someone who knows, then you can educate yourself and apply this knowledge to the proper usage of the tool in order for it to carry out your intended purpose.

Get back to the original instructions, the Source, educate yourself by becoming acquainted with the sun of your inner being and draw from the Wisdom of Infinite Knowledge, experience it. Then you can fully develop, using your mind, your true intended purpose through the Law of Thinking and express and experience an abundantly enriched life in your physical body.

What does this have to do with getting your body back? You would have removed the blockages standing in your way. And by seeing your true nature you can now release your fears and be confident and bold in who you are. You can accept yourself knowing that your body is an instrument of your soul and now you can begin to give your body the love and nurturing it needs to serve you. Just as you'd do regular tune ups and maintenance for optimum usage of your car, how much more would you do for your body?


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