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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Scripture - God of Wonders - Psalm 19


  1. You always find the best scriptures, etc., Alicia. You are a wonder. I was away for the weekend to Vermont but now we are back. So happy to catch up. Susan

  2. His law really is perfect.
    Hi. I came across your blog through another blog I follow and have signed up as a follower. When you’re free, please do visit me and let me know what you think of my blog and leave a comment. If you like, do follow as well. I am always open to great new people and interesting websites. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Thank you Susan. Hope you had a great weekend. Have a blessed week.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Stan. Always good to have new visitors. Hope this blog will inspire you. Have a blessed day.


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